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we're there !!!

We had to cancel our regular anniversary trip in Sept , but sctx and Lil G are booked for Dec 28-Jan 4... and after 4 months of therapy time between last weeks PCTRTR2 event... we will be ready to turn things up a couple of notches (or 3 or 4 ) when we hit Playa....
Hopefully Squishy don't get sceered and back out cause we still have the fabled "On Holy Ground, No Excuses Now..... THRILLA IN THE VILLA !!! " event to be judged
Learned to sail on a HobieCat when I was 5... but this Fat Cat thing looks way cool.... Tequila shots and sailing.... hmmm... me likes it already.
Hey Michael, is a couple bottles of Chinaco or El Tesoro and a six of Shiner Bock sufficient for our cover charge and do you need an "Irish to American" dictionary to communictae with Lil G???
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