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way into it
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"the preview" - europe/mexico 2012

Hey again everyone, took a little hiatus from the forums, but, I'm back! I said a day or two ago I was going to post full Cozumel/Playa and Europe 2012 trip reports, which, I am still going to do, however, due to the rediculous amount of photos I took, and the time to weed out the best and upload, I underestimated the time it would take. Have no fear... here is a little taste of 20 or so photos, and the full reports I will get up here before the end of September! Enjoy!












COZ/PDC 3/11
Part 1
Part 2

COZ/PDC 02/12
Part 1
Part 2

COZ/PDC 02/14
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Looking forward to more great pics.
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way into it
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Great pics Josh. Looking forward to another report from ya.
welcome back...
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way into it
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What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL start!
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You take such amazing pictures, do you do this for a living? Looking forward to more.
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Beautiful...your Munich picture looks like Neuschwanstein castle, near Fussen....can't wait for more!
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Been to most of the places myself and especially the Venice-ones made me realize once again that I REALLY need to go back. Have been planning that for at least 8 years now but haven't done it so far. Great pics!
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Those are wonderful images.
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way into it
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These pictures really are beautiful Josh!! Thank you for posting- and I look forward to more!!!
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Wow! Thank you so much for sharing these pics! Luckily I've been to several of the places and the pics brought back many happy memories! Unfortunately I've never visited the other places, so I will enjoy them through your amazing talent!
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I can't wait........
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Travel Insurance Tester

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REALLY beautiful photos - thanks so much for sharing
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