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Old 12-06-2004   #46 (permalink)
beach geek
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Originally Posted by KathyMc
Dave was great on our Tulum tour...
I'm glad you enjoyed the tour!

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into ruins
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Hey Doc, I will see what I can do re the "socialist Canadian" drugs but seeing as how the border people (customs and immigration) don't take highly to us bringing anything into your country it might be a trick. Probably a good thing. There is enough BC bud making its way down without my help. haha Now you know that non of us should need anti-hypertensives when in Playa. Well maybe if you wear the green thong we just might. Sounds like you have a busy family. My friend is also a teacher and is now in the subbing dept and loving it. Maybe a thought for your wife and then you guys can just go at the drop of a hat. Be like the bumpers. And don't these darn kids just make it impossible when they move all over the country? Anyway you take care, enjoy your posts.
ps: I will get the tankini in green scrubs color
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Old 12-06-2004   #48 (permalink)
into ruins
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Location: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
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And now for a reply to you Bumper. What ever possessed you to move to Winnipeg from Victoria? Oh my there must be something we don't know here. No wonder you go to Playa so often. haha Well there are some good rock singers in Winnipeg maybe that is it. I think you know the ones I mean. Also I think the rain festival just started early here. It has been pouring for the last two days. At least I am not shovelling it. Typical west coast weather. Could you tell me how you do that neat little thing where the post you want to answer comes up with a quote. I am not sure how that is done. I did a copy and paste thing but doesn't look nearly as professional as all the others are doing. Me being a newby shows. Anyway bye for now and don't freeze any parts.
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Old 12-07-2004   #49 (permalink)
into ruins
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Location: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
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Originally Posted by Bumper
Mostly...though being recently re-retired gives me more time to spend in this neighbourhood. And I know of which you speak, when it comes to Island weather. I used to live in Victoria, Anne, my folks still do - and why I moved to Winnipeg is a story for another day. Ah, yes...Vancouver Island...home of the West Coast Rain Festival...April 1st to March 31. Where spring means the sky turns from darker gray to lighter gray.
Well what do you know it worked this time. well I am hoping it works. I didn't use the quill box like you said Bumper just the quote one. I will submit and see what it looks like. thx for the info
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Originally Posted by docloch
which would result in us missing both Squish and the Bumpers. Hmmmm. That doesn't sound so good.
Uhm... NO!! That DOESN'T sound so good at ALL! Doc , I have JUST chosen my uniform and rinsed out the chlorine from the skimpy top! I don't have my punch card yet, but I think my 'training' is complete. Say, mention this to the lovely high-school teacher wife: "PERSONAL LEAVE DAYS"! That and a bottle of Don Julio landed me a few extra days at Christmas! Oh yeah, and one more thing for SETH: "Work to LIVE", not the other way around

The only thing I am worried about now... is that you have BURNING MAN experience! It's only a leetle beet sceery!
I'm not booked yet for the clinic tour... but will keep you posted!
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very sparkly
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If you find a job for a doc, could you also find a job for a old, but new social worker. I will be completing my Masters this Spring and with the temp at -50 right now, I could realy consider a location move.
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