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back again, again
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Integrative Medicine

I saw this guy on an episode of Dr. Oz and was really intrigued by what he had to say. I am going to look into his website and teachings. I'm not a health nut but I cannot deny that the things I put into my body make me feel poorly...somethings gotta change!

Does anyone else follow Dr. Soram and his routine?

Heres his website:Dr. Soram's Integrative Medicine
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Originally Posted by kirbyfan View Post
I'm not a health nut but I cannot deny that the things I put into my body make me feel poorly...somethings gotta change!
Sounds like you just saved yourself $50 and some hard drive space from downloading his podcasts.

It's hard to get through his website because it's merely just a big advertisement for his books and his publicity, but it sounds like he's just an advocate of eating healthy in addition to hawking his own brand of Vitamin D (which there already many free published articles on its health benefits).

It sounds like you already recognize that there are things you do now that you know you could change to make yourself feel better.

Why wait?
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Canada Dry
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What Nick said....Dr. Oz is a bit of a quack, as are many of his guests, and mainly concerned with ratings and kickbacks. I'd be pretty skeptical of anything you hear on that show.

Sounds like what his message is the basic common sense message any reputable, qualified doctor or nutritionist will tell good food, don't smoke, exercise, drink alcohol moderately, think positively. Save your money.
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Yes what Nick and Maggie both say

Nutrition fraud is a 40 billion dollar a year business... Most people are trying to sell an easy way out, or sell you a product.

My free advice:
Eat a balanced diet (mostly vegetables, fruit, whole grains), exercise most days of the week (about 45 minutes per day), drink plenty of clean water, and spend most of your time with the people you love. That is my recipe for a healthy, happy life....
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