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Local family we know, who owns a tortilla shop in ejido, has also told us to avoid walking in colosio.
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safe places in PDC

Of course babaloo...but it safer because theya are there...
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Originally Posted by Julia Kent View Post
Of course babaloo...but it safer because theya are there...
I believe Playa is safe.
I don't need a gated community to feel safe.
Having said that...I've seen some beautiful homes in Playacar that I could easily live in - if money were not an issue
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We walk in the coloiso all the time. Side streets, 30th, etc. Not late at night but in the daytime all over. And we don't really walk anywhere late at night. On our rooftop with drinks!
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It depends

Safety is no that objective. Since there little stats here in Playa (aka Mexico in general) you just have to go by your feeling. You might feel unsafe in Colosio or Playacar 2...

The money is distributed here as following:
  • Playacar 1 - short term tourism (very expensive)
  • Playacar 2 - people with second homes (are only there 3 months a year), big hotels on seaside and some families that fill the gaps. I liked it there but its lonely since you have little real neighbors. So if I went back with my family I would select Pakal, one that is in front of Sandos or Club Real to live... there is some permanent residents there.
  • Center (beach to 20th, from 3south to 38) is relatively expensive
  • All other "center" has lower income
  • "The other side" of the highway has very very different neighborhoods every
    1000 meters. One is lower income other has super nice houses with pools and parks.

I feel safe everywhere in Playa, but I speak Spanish. Since you might find a correlation between income and the ability to speak English you might feel unsafe in area's where they speak less Spanish.

In Playacar you see three black Chrysler Suburbans with bodyguards driving faster then normal to transport a well known person. In Colossio you might find more drunk people on the street. Not sure where you feel safe but I'm fine in both situations.

I started in Playacar since we had some bad safety experiences in other parts of Mexico. After that wore off we moved to the center and now live close to 46th. It all grows on you and in all honesty.

Usually people pick a neighborhood fitting you financial situation and place their environment into the relativity of that situation. I can now live in all areas but I'm very happy in the center.

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