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Thanks for your trip review, I have been reading this forum for tips for the first trip to RPDC at the end of October... love the view from your room... may try for 801 at check in, as we need 2 beds, doing a mother/daughter trip.
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After a long day of doing nothing but being pampered by the quiet pool we decide it’s time to really hit up 5th Avenue. We had zero plans in mind but both agreed rather than focusing on shopping or anything specific that we’d just wander around. We went to a few of the art galleries, walked by La Tortuga & Coco Bongo, etc. After a good mile of walking we both decide we could use something to eat & drink but not too much since we were looking forward to a big dinner back at RPDC. We found a place a few blocks South on 5th called Las Rancheros. They promised ocean views while dining and for some reason Doug was fascinated with eating upstairs so up we went.

We both loved the mural that was right behind me (and the mango margarita was delicious!):

It’s hard to see but the building beyond the lamp post had a really cool wall:

The server noticed that we were snapping pictures and offered to take one of us:

Delicious lime soup and even better bread…if you squint really hard and ignore the red satellite you can see the ocean view that they advertised:

Looking down 5th from the patio:

My new amigo:

We both used the banos before we left and as Doug came out he asked for my camera, he ran back in to take a picture of the sink. I still don’t get why he liked the sink so much but he did so it made the TR:

My other new amigo:

This picture doesn’t really do this art justice, it was huge and beautiful (in the stairs up to the Las Rancheros patio):

We decide to keep walking South on 5th since we had never really gone that far on previous visits, I finally found the fruit ladies that everyone talks about. We weren’t hungry but their displays were beautiful:

The mandatory “pretty church” picture:

We also watched the performers (I forget their name) but didn’t take any pictures, only video.

At this point we’ve walked several miles and I’ve given myself a blister so we decide to head back to the hotel. We were a bit too late to go to Asiana’s or Pelicano’s so we went to Spice buffet, unfortunately this was the only bad dining experience we had all week so nothing to write home about. We both get back to the room and fall asleep like babies.
until RPDC!!
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Originally Posted by Jay6 View Post
Thanks for your trip review, I have been reading this forum for tips for the first trip to RPDC at the end of October... love the view from your room... may try for 801 at check in, as we need 2 beds, doing a mother/daughter trip.
Thanks! We loved our room's view and location, we just hope we can get it again on future visits. Have a great trip, it's an amazing resort!
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This was one of those mornings that I couldn’t sleep and I knew Doug was going to be out for a while so I decided to take a walk on the beach, turns out it was a beautiful morning for it.

Hallway outside of 24-hour lounge:

Decided to wake Doug up with a mocha frap from the coffee house, I just love the décor & vibe in here:

I had a quick breakfast at Spice (again nothing to write home about) but ordered Doug room service breakfast again:

Apparently we didn’t do much between breakfast and lunch because my next picture is of the delicious fish tacos from the Tapa’s taco cart:

Doug had the chicken (that he said was some of the best grilled chicken he’s ever had):

Two pictures I snapped on the way back:

The red arrow points to our balcony:

A few small thunderstorms rolled in during the day so we made the most of relaxing in our room. We visited the free hydrotherapy area as well, just long enough to work up another appetite for dinner. Sunday dinner was at Pelicano’s and where we met Fernando. For anyone reading this and making future trips to the Royal-make sure you request Fernando for at least one dinner at Pelicano’s, he’s awesome!

I’m hungry, feed me:

Oh yeah? I’m way more hungry but I’ll still smile:

Strike a pose:

Some kind of stuffed chicken, it tasted better than it looked according to Doug:

My “Fernando Special”, a combination of the flank steak AND coconut shrimp…it’s what I got when I told Fernando to “surprise me”. He must know exactly the way to my heart:

We were so stuffed from dinner we were thinking about going back to the room but figured we needed to go out since we had been bums all day long. Of course we have to stop by the lobby bar to say hi to Toto and get some drinks to go:

We decide to go North on 5th avenue this time with no plans in mind. I had been wanting to stop by Real Playa Del Carmen just to check it out (the cheapest Real Resorts in Playa, located on 5th Avenue a few blocks north of RPDC). We finally find it and grab a drink at their lobby bar, Doug loves that we can just walk in and get “free” drinks from this resort. We decide to check out the resort some and Doug takes advantage of a good photo-op:

Pretty lanterns at a restaurant on 5th:

For anyone wondering about nail places on 5th, I found a place that advertises Gel Nails:

We call it a night after a few hours on 5th, our friends arrive tomorrow so we figure we’ll need all of the rest we can get.
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7/29-Our friends finally get here!

For anyone that’s forgotten I just can’t get over how amazing our view is, taken in widescreen and currently my desktop background:

Of course we order room service breakfast again, yes it’s almost the same order but I miss it so much I’m posting it anyways. Oh and for anyone that requests “a piece or two of bacon” well…you see what you get…

After breakfast we go to the quiet pool for a few hours and wait for our friends to join us. Finally our friends (Carrie & Justin) and Justin’s sister Lauren get here. Their room wasn’t ready yet so we go straight to the lobby bar for celebration shots:

They’re starving so we go to Pelicano’s and get some lunch while enjoying the views:

Justin-happy to be here:

Doug-enjoying a beer at lunch:

Lauren and Carrie getting their first good glimpse of the beach:

Woohoo, we’re all here, time to party!

View from Pelicano’s:

My fried shrimp at lunch:

A view from our room that shows the rooftop next door (some people claim that bothers them) as well as the scuba diving pool:

The pretty patio rails:

We go back to the front desk while they checkin and Doug makes me take a picture with this sign. He feels the bottom saying is appropriate for me :-D

After they get checked in we all hit the quiet pool. Doug with the girls:

Lauren and Carrie being loving sister-in-laws:

Us goofing around in the pool:

Whatever it was…it was funny:

We were all very buzzed:

Justin probably thinking “what have I gotten myself into?”:

After the pool the original plan was to get ready for dinner but somehow we all went to the beach instead:

Doug and his self-given sand bath:

What? This is normal right?


Carrie & Justin, very happy to be here (and yes we’re at another pool now):

Doug being sneaky:
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We FINALLY get our butts in gear and get washed up for dinner. Our friends ask us which restaurant we prefer for dinner and since finding Daniel at Asiana’s that’s our natural choice.

Y2Y-I wasn’t joking about those drinks…I had ½ of the restaurant ordering them before we left:

Unfortunately the other ladies in the group had a wee bit too much to drink (they thought it would be a good idea to chug vodka/sprites while waiting for a table) so dinner was a bit of a cluster. After dinner we take them to 5th but they can barely stand up. Doug still manages to get this picture of me under this particular sign…I didn’t even see what it said, I just posed, ugh:

5th Avenue:

You notice Carrie in the pink dress..she can barely stand up straight so back to the resort we go:

Colorful store:

Resort sign at night:

View from the side are of the lobby bar, looking out towards the lawn/ocean, love the blue lighting:

View from same seat but towards the main lobby:

Apparently Doug is really “peaceful” when he drinks since he’s always throwing out the peace sign:

It’s probably a good thing that this pic is blurry because I was 3 sheets to the wind:

Justin had to take Carrie back to the room but Lauren caught a 2nd burst of energy and closed the lobby bar down with us. We still weren’t done so we went back to our room and all made a few drinks with the in-room liquor. This is when I recall previous visitors ordering stuff that’s not on the room service menu and decide that we need grilled chicken and steak nachos with extra jalapeno’s…so glad I did this since they were some of the best nachos I’ve ever had. Too bad I was so buzzed I couldn’t figure out how to take a decent picture:

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Another beautiful day in paradise and another order of room service breakfast down we all decide to hit the beach and snap a few pictures:

We always have a hard time finding people as enthusiastic about taking pictures of us as we are of them but oh well, we’ll take what we can get. Definitely getting a tripod next year:

Doug & Carrie:

To anyone that says the beaches near RPDC aren’t great…I digress:

Since the White Party is on Tuesday night we all get ready for that with no real dinner plans in mind. We wanted to make reservations for Marie Maria’s for the following night but wanted to look at the menu before we did. Apparently the reservation system had been down that day so when we stopped by to glance at the menu we noticed the place was empty and the staff begged us to come in and dine so we did. It was our least favorite a la carte dinner of the trip and the AC wasn’t working but oh well, I’ll take no ac working and a subpar dinner any day of the week as long as I’m in Playa!

Doug & I at dinner:

Carrie & Lauren (Lauren had a pretty good buzz going on):

The only food pic from dinner, Doug’s cesar salad:

After dinner we make our way out to the white party where Doug & Justin enjoy a cigar. Here’s Justin pulling his MOB pose:

Justin photobombing us:

One of the white party dancers:

More dancers:

The white party ended earlier than we all wanted so we all went straight to the lobby bar. We met up with another group that had just gotten in from Atlanta and had a great time.


It was HOT:

Annnnd…this tends to happen at least once every trip..I drink to the point of ending up behind the bar saying “thank-you” to the bartender. This is Toto…and he’s awesome. I’m pretty sure I told him “Toto we aren’t in Kansas anymore” at least 2 dozen times that night. I’m sure he’s never heard THAT one before.

Doug & I in the alley of the kiss…we didn’t realize our only picture was super blurry or we would have re-done it L

Shortly after taking that picture we stumbled back to our rooms and passed out.
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very sparkly
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What kind of shots were you doing at the Lobby Bar? I noticed two so far. Great report and pictures. We will be there tomorrow
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Originally Posted by lsharkey69 View Post
What kind of shots were you doing at the Lobby Bar? I noticed two so far. Great report and pictures. We will be there tomorrow
The layered shot was called a rainbow shot, find Toto in the lobby bar & he'll make you some. Not sure what the other blue shot was, a huge group ordered a round but left before they were done making them so we happily took them. I know it had vodka & blue curaçao..they were both delicious!

Have a great trip!!!
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toe in water
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After the pool the original plan was to get ready for dinner but somehow we all went to the beach instead:

Funny how often plans "somehow" change in Playa! Looks like you all had a great time!
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I’m not sure what it is with the morning after nights I drink too much but for some reason I can never sleep late. Doug was passed out as usual and I was getting anxious so I decide to take another walk on the beach, glad I did since I saw so much more this time around. I was scoping out non-AI places for our next visit and ended up with a pretty decent list. Some pics from the walk:

View from the side room that is adjacent to the RPDC lobby bar (has a pool table in it but not much else):

After my walk we all go to the beach and pool for a few hours then Asiana’s for lunch. After that we decide to hit up the free hydrotherapy in the spa area again since only Doug and I had been before.

Fountain in front of the spa area:

Doug goofing off in the spa hut:

Our friends don’t enjoy the spa area as much as we do so that didn’t last long. After the spa time we all went back to our rooms to get ready for the martini tasting that was being held that night. I highly recommend this, it was fun and informative, I just wish that you got to taste all of the martini’s that they listed in their menu.

Martini tasting:

The Tiramisu martini was GREAT but sadly only available at Chef’s Plate due to the ingredients and how long it takes to make:

The one thing that was a bit odd about the martini situation is that they clearly advertised the “Martini Bar” when we checked in, then they made a huge point at the tasting to tell us that we can order martini’s at any bar and emphasized the Lobby Bar yet when we went there after the tasting they didn’t have proper ingredients for several of the martini’s and only had one martini glass. It’s not a huge deal but we were a bit disappointed considering how heavily they advertised martinis.

These are our “martinis” from the lobby bar:

After the tasting we all had dinner at Pelicano’s but forgot the camera. Luckily we finished in time to get decent seats for the Decades Lobby show that evening, glad we did since it was a fun show full of good music.

Dancers from the show:

Sweat much?

This is me trying to be “artsy” with my pictures:

Since I turn 30 at midnight this night we all decide to hit the town. Everyone knew all I wanted to do was find a good beach bar or a smaller club and listen to some live music but that’s definitely not what happened. Since I’m passive to a fault I let other people make choices for me and we ended up going to some of the clubs I would have never ever picked out. I wish we could say we had an awesome night but I think Doug and I would have preferred to keep Toto at the RPDC lobby bar company…oh well…live and learn right?

Our 1st stop, the Shots Factory. I can barely see a thing in there and end up ordering a “picante” shot which is full of really hot sauce…that should have been my 1st sign we were headed in the wrong direction:

Doug trying to be happy about where we were at:

Some kind of flaming shot that none of us ordered:

For all of my Austin friends (if you can’t read it it’s a place called Munchies):

I really liked the flying cow in the entry here but it made me want Chik Fil A so dang bad:

The girls in our LBD’s:

Doug & I making the most of it:

Carrie & Justin striking a pose:

Lauren & I being silly:

Doug & I were about ready to go find a smaller place to listen to some music out when we realized the rest of the group was heading into Mandala. Definitely not a place we would have picked on our own but life’s short so why fight it? Once we got in the music was so loud we couldn’t hear and it was standing room early. When I realize we’re all just standing there looking at each other we finally bought a round for everyone…$60 later I decide I’m ready to call it a night and we head back to the resort. Doug and I sneak off to the 24-hour lounge to play a few games of pool, probably the most fun we had all night!

At least I got a pretty picture out it:
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Well today is my actual birthday and our last full day here. Without getting too dramatic I’ll just say that Doug and I decided to spend today alone, which turned out perfectly. We were originally supposed to go to Akumal on Wednesday but that didn’t happen, not sure why since I put a ton of energy into planning and doing research but no one wanted to go. Doug & I were both somewhat annoyed when we found out that everyone else wanted to go today since we had all agreed all we’d be doing today is chilling and enjoying the resort since we all had to leave early tomorrow. Everyone else went to Akumal and Doug and I had the best day we had yet.

We started with a delicious lunch at Asiana’s where I had the Veggie Salad…it was delicious. I got mad at myself for not trying it sooner:

I followed that with salmon teriyaki, equally as delicious:

Doug had more of the chicken/pineapple/curry dish that he loves, not a great picture but really is a yummy dish:

After lunch we decide to go to Mega. Doug didn’t really understand my desire to go but he agreed to go anyways, very glad hedid. It turns out that this little adventure was very important to this entire trip.

A beautiful tree on the way to Mega:

The Mega:

We walked around inside some, bought a few things and decided to head back. It doesn’t sound that exciting but walking around this store is what made both of us realize how badly we wanted to spend as much time in Playa Del Carmen as possible, we even daydreamed about buying property here someday. It made us really crave going non-AI and to just get down here as quickly and cheaply as possible and use the towns resources instead of packing for a small army. The alone time also made us realize that this is probably the last trip we take with anyone else, our vacation time is precious and we definitely prefer when it’s just us….overall…we’re both very glad that we walked to the Mega that day.

After we got back we went to the quiet pool and enjoyed the rest of the day. Reyes (the quiet pool bartender that day) caught wind that it was my 30th birthday so he was bringing me numerous drinks all day long. I lost count I had so many..but isn’t that what 30th birthdays in PDC are for?!?

In my own little world:

Happy birthday to me:

After having one too many we both decide to get out and go eat dinner. Our friends went across the street to the Italian place but the last thing I wanted to do was be around kids on my birthday so we went back to Asiana’s. Daniel had asked if he could serve us for my birthday so we thought it was the best choice.

Me before dinner…trying to capture the “white girl wasted” look. I think I succeeded:

My birthday cake:

As I was getting ready for dinner Doug ran to the gift shop and bought me a ring that I had drunkenly picked out a few days earlier but didn’t want to spend the money on. Even though I was a bit too tipsy to enjoy dinner he managed to sneak it to Daniel and Daniel delivered it with my cake. You can’t see it very good in this picture but it’s a lizard with little ruby stones down it’s back, I loved it so much and was so surprised I started crying. Definitely one of the best nights I’ve ever had:

I had to get a picture with Daniel after all he had done for us:

Gabi (the hostess) noticed I was taking a picture with Daniel and she ran over and insisted on taking one with my husband. We weren’t sure why but we were very happy that she did, we witnessed several people being rude to her when they couldn’t get a seat immediately and she is the sweetest person ever. My husband tried really hard to be nice to her since we felt so bad that other guests couldn’t do the same. I love this picture:

After dinner we walked around 5th some but not a long time, we just wanted to get back to the room and enjoy the birthday champagne that was waiting on us.

Pretty hotel on 5th:
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8/2- Our last day :(

Our last day here…such a sad day but we’re full of energy since we’ve had such a great time and both know we’ll be back soon. Our transfer doesn’t pick us up until 2PM so we make the most of the day. After packing we lay in the hammock until we work up an appetite for one last lunch at Asiana’s.

The two headed towel art monster:

“Smile” for your last lunch:



Doug took this picture, I told him it looks like we murdered the poor spring roll:

Shrimp teriyaki:

A picture of the construction area we snapped as we were walking to check-out:

I couldn’t leave without having one more serving of chocolate covered strawberries:

Some of our goodies we brought home:

The BEST candy ever…when we stayed at RPDC in 2008 they left these at turndown instead of Hershey kisses, so glad we found some at Mega:

Despite the few setbacks we had overall this was one of our best trips to the Riviera Maya yet, hopefully we can go back next year and see even more!
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Excellent job on the TR!!! You will love doing the Non AI. We stopped doing AI's a few years ago and will never go back.
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way into it
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Thanks for the trip report, stayed at the RPDC back in 2008 and loved it. Last two years we stayed non AI with the kids and we all injoyed it better then staying at that AIs. Also noticed your comment about traveling with others , I agree 100%, I will only travel with my wife or my wife and kids, no one else, my parents, the inlaws close friends just not for me. We have a week and we are doing what we want not compromise or doing something we don't want to do, just to keep the peace.
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