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Old 10-16-2013   #16 (permalink)
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La Buena Vida has IMHO, the best pina coladas!!
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Time to finish this thing.
Sunday we were planning to snorkel with the turtles at Akumal. We were kinda late leaving the resort and didn't get there till about three. The cab driver said he would wait so we went out and looked at the folks snorkeling and decided we didn't want to chase turtles around, there were already too many folks doing that, and my wife's ankle was bothering her.

Yes I really was there

We were planning on having dinner at the Lo-Ha but after peeking in we decided we liked the looks of La Buena Vida better and we didn't get dinner there last time so in the cab we went.

There were a few more folks there this time including this guy, but our favorite table was open.

I want to live in the house next doorfor a year or so.

We had drinks for an hour or so and ordered dinner. I had grilled groper and the wife had chicken. She said it was very good, but I think she screwed up because the groper was excellent. We had another drink and paid the bill, I don't remember exactly but it was a great meal and a fun time for not too many bucks

The folks with the dogs came back in and this little guy came back to beg for food.

On the way out the door Amorah had a talk with the dead folks hanging around out front.
Back at the resort for our last two days, our budget shot so we just stayed home and drank as much as we could.
Here are a few pictures around the resort with some words of wisdom from Harold, I'm old, you get wise when your old.

Orange is not a good hair color and that bra sticking out under a beach cover up wow!

Drink responsibly in a Mexican resort What are they thinking about.

In all my visits I have never seen so many lizards as this time.

We didn't like our resort much, but other folks thought it was wonderful. Most we talked to that liked it were first timers and several folks that had never stayed any where else. One couple in particular said it was there 7th visit. We have stayed at resorts as well as small hotels, and like both but think there better choices than the Grand Bahia Principe for folks that like to drink a bit,
The end
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong: The Buffalo Springfield
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Great report, Harold! Love your words of wisdom - best laugh I've had today! Some people really are clueless.
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La Buena Vida is a great place; we'll be there for New Year’s Eve. (3rd time)
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Thanks for the trip report, Harold!
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way into it
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Thanks for the trip report! I am missing Playa so much this week! Have to wait until June
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way into it
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Thanks for the great trip report Harold. You know what is scary about some of your pictures is, those people reproduce. Now think about that.
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You know, I didn't like our resort much but we still had a great time. We will be back and probably stay in town (Playa) next time because it will be driven by dentist and oral surgeon appointments, and being close is good. I'm thinking Playa palms, we have stayed there before and liked it a lot, but maybe we will just book a room somewhere for a couple days on line and look for another hotel as a permanent base for our two week stay. It will probably be in late September and I know from past experience it's low season and you can get a good rate by showing up at a hotel front desk and saying I'm staying at xxxxx and paying $$ amount what can you do. I want someplace with a kitchenette to make some of our food in house.
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Nice report, Harold! You and Amorah are such a cute couple!
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I enjoyed your report. Thanks for taking the time to post!
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Thank you for your trip report, Harold. I always enjoy reading the highlights of your trips.
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lost on fifth
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Great trip report. La Buena Vida looks really nice, so we will check it out. Thanks for the tip!
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Thanks for the TR. We enjoyed 2 different stays at the BP, but due to the fact they built a dolphin pen - they'll never see any of our $$ again. And they are much better beaches along the Mayan Riviera than at the BP. There are other quieter pools with swim up bar at the Coba side and Akumal side if people want to get away from the "boom boom" going on at the Tulum pool. Your wife has a lovely smile too
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Good times!!
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Enjoyed your report Harold!
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