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Can't wait to see Halloween! We'll be in Mexico (Isla Mujeres) of our 1st Halloween thus year. Starting to wish we would have booked PDC
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Originally Posted by gogosfeet View Post
hey - glad you are back at this trip report. it was great hanging with you and angie. the copulating grasshoppers were in front of playa maya. i have a very similar picture somewhere.
Yes! You guyz were a blast!... That Frank is a funny guy, isn't he?
We were thinking of him and his comments the other day that we volunteered at the shelter and then went to donate blood. .....if we only woulda had time to read to the blind and build a few wheel chair ramps for the elderly, he would have been impressed!!

Heading down for Halloween again, by chance?

Good to hear from you Shawnda!
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YAY!!!! So glad you're back to finish this!
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I'll be there at Holloween too. Where is the party? Last time was at a restaurant balcony in Playa and watched the parade.
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Originally Posted by Tracielynn View Post
I'll be there at Holloween too. Where is the party? Last time was at a restaurant balcony in Playa and watched the parade.
How about Luna Blue....!!!! ???
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THURSDAY October 31st

We were up at eight and went down for breakfast. Today the fried eggs and ham came with a tomato. Angie had pancakes.

We got going about 8:30 to try and make our way to Playa Animal Rescue for a Waggle Walk day. After asking 5 or 6 cab drivers about taking us there, we were frustrated that none of them knew where it was!
I really hadn't expected this, and therefore didn’t do extensive research on where it was located. I thought we would have a transport this Saturday, for Spa Day (that didn't end up working out either...), but didn’t give much thought about getting there on this day. They don’t put their address on their website, because they don’t want just anyone (and everyone) dumping their unwanted dogs at their doorstep….. Understandable.

We walked back to Playa Maya to ask for help. The guy at the front desk went above and beyond trying to help us (... I wish I woulda wrote his name down; it could have been Pablo or Fernando, but now I can't remember).
He called his wife, who I think he said worked for the Mayor or something like that. Then he phoned a friend. He left messages with several people, but we were getting nowhere just waiting for someone to get back to us.
I had the number to for Coco’s Cat Rescue, so I had him call there and speak to Ally or Laura for directions. They were translated for us, and seemed a little vague, but off we went again in search of a taxi.

FYI: Take 307 north; Just past pedestrian bridge turn right on Aveneda Pinteros.
Left after the first tope. White building with blue door on the right; across from Cemex plant.

We even made it there by about 9:30, which we thought was a critical time for the start of the Waggle Walk. I don’t know if it was because of the off season, but it didn't seem like as much of a structured thing as we were expecting. There were a couple of volunteers there and lucky for us Jan was there!

Jan was very nice and showed us around the shelter. We each got to walk a couple of dogs around the neighborhood. But, it was SOO hot, it was almost too dangerous for the dogs to be walking in such heat.

We were partial to a couple of pups in particular: Bernice and Blanco.

Jan gave us a ride back to town. She went back into Playa thru the neighborhoods, rather than on the highway, which was a cool ride as we had never been that deep in the residential areas of Playa.

We were heading south on 10th as I noticed we were crossing Calle 34. I quickly asked Jan to stop and let us out there. I wanted to try the Los Aguachiles up at 25th and thought this was a great opportunity to not have to walk up in the stifling heat from 8th and playa some other time…..

So, lunch at Los Aguachiles:

Camarones Cascajo

Angie ordered some very delicious steamed fish tacos (21.50p each). Her shrimp tacos were also very good (21.50p). I ordered the Camarones Cascajo: deep fried tempura battered rock shrimp (138p). Water was 18p and the bottled beers were 40p. It was a great meal (300.50p total b4 tip), and I was glad we stopped here when we did. We may not have walked this far otherwise - - - okay! I know, it’s only a mile. But that can be a long ways under certain conditions….

We stopped by the Walmart for some snacks on the way back to the hotel and chilled on the Playa Maya beach the rest of the day. We had a couple strawberry margaritas. I had a Playa Maya burger and Angie had ceviche. The burger was delicious and Angie now swears by the Playa Maya ceviche. Although, we had some VERY GOOD ceviche in San Jose del Cabo earlier this year…. She is still telling me now, as we’re getting ready for this year’s trip, that the Playa Maya ceviche and fish tacos are what she’s looking forward to most of all!!! Oh, and standing for hours and hours in the ocean....

I wanted a nap, but Angie thought we should start getting ready for HALLOWEEN NIGHT..

(I have been having fits with Photobucket! I've about pulled all my hairs out - oh wait, I don't have any..... So, I am just using up the rest of my storage here for the pictures. Bear with me, I'll get the rest of the day posted as soon as I can - it's only 11 months late by now...)

....yes, another impulse trip. Thanks Pam and Randy!!! an impulse trip with Pam and Randy!

...another Día de Muertos trip 2014

Trip Report: 12 Days over Halloween; 2013
Trip Report: Our First Trip to QRoo; 2004

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Halloween night

We were to be Zombie Tourists this evening. It was a good thing we started getting ready when we did, because it took till about 7 o'clock to get things done. My wife wears contacts, but I don’t, so the zombie contact lenses were a challenge for me.

RE: the Contacts:
I was in a bit a of a time crunch to purchase them before our trip. It looked like you could order cosmetic lenses online without a prescription, but I was having trouble finding a site that would do it (not sure I wanted to do that anyway….)
So, I stopped in Pearle Vision after work with no appointment and had a contact lens fitting. I was expecting to pay maybe $150-200 for the fitting and a pair of lenses, but the guy ran it thru my insurance and I had them in three days for NO out of pocket expense.

That never would have crossed my mind to get a zombie contact lens (with ZERO prescription in it) on your insurance! No wonder rates are so high. I guess I am now part of the problem!

(BTW, I just went online today, did a quick search, and ordered a pair of the white-out zombie lenses for 25 bucks w/ shipping. No prescription needed... I'm going to see if I can get them onto my eyes any easier.

We used liquid latex, toilet paper, white and black make up, and lots a fake blood. --- We brought a whole pint of it! It was a rare occasion that we had to check a bag with all the latex and blood -- Our bathroom looked like something BAD had happened in there.... Our costumes turned out pretty good, I thought, for us amateurs.
…..okay, I could only get 1 of my contacts in, which didn't turn out to be too bad, because it looked pretty creepy that way anyhow.

We walked down to hit Wah Wah first.

Lots of folks were already there and in costume There was a big guy dressed up as Willie and his wife was dressed as a pot holder. It was VERY funny, but an inside joke for any of you who know Willie…... that's all I'm gonna say about that.
Frank and Shawnda arrived and we had a few beers and some pizza.

Listened to the music there for awhile and then, up to Luna Blue. This jaunt turned out to be quite a trek in the heat, and melted our make up!. I don’t know what time it was when we got there, but maybe it was still a bit too early, because the crowd was a little lighter than I expected. Tony was there to greet us at the door tho, and promptly brought over tequila shots for all in our party!! I'm having trouble finding all the pictures, I'll check the laptop and post more later if they turn up.

Things were already starting to get a little hazy for me by the time we left Luna Blue. We stopped in a few places on the walk back towards 8th,

here we are at Dirty Martini....

Dirty Martini Bartender

Angie kept forgetting to not smile during pictures!

but we spent the majority of the rest of the night at the Zenzi party! I would have to say, night caps at Zenzi, with toes in the sand and the sound of the waves is a unique way to finish off a Halloween Night!!!

(at least for me, anyway )

Rough start this morning.
We did not make it down to breakfast until after 10, but they were still serving it. Once again it was bacon and eggs for both of us with our toes in the sand! I was definitely not at the top of my game this morning. We sat on the beach for a few hours and bobbed in the water.

We walked up to 10th and grabbed a taxi to Cocos Cat Rescue to visit the cats and donate to Laura’s cause. Ally was appreciative of the 5 pound bag of KMR we brought and showed us around. We spent time in 3 cat rooms and snuggled & played with the kittens that would let us.

They had one little guy, Frankenstein I think, that had been brought in with his skull totally open and his brain exposed. He was still just a tiny little thing, but Coco’s had closed him up and must have gave him exceptional care, because you could hardly tell he had been through what he had. He was just jumping and playing like the rest of the kittens!

When we were done, Ally couldn't get through to a taxi service so Laura said she would give us a ride back to town. Just as we were leaving, she asked if we had met Cinderella - we hadn't so Laura brought her down. She was a tiny little kitten that had had her rear leg torn off. We fell in love with her and told Laura we would see about taking her home with us!

Cinderella, the three legged kitten.....

The ride back to town was another great treat for the time we got chatting with Laura. So many people have such extraordinary life stories! To come on a vacation from England, and then just decide to stay in Mexico at such a young age is SO brave! And then to have created the amazing operation of Coco’s Cat Rescue that helps SO MANY cats and dogs in need. It certainly makes me realize how insignificant many of our “regular” lives are. It was also quite a surprise that she had JUST learned to drive out of necessity (since her husband had just recently left her! Bastard!)

Laura dropped us off at Mom’s and it turned out to be a pretty cool place. I had forgotten that Heather now works there! So that was an extra treat. It was cool to show her the picture we have of her from way back in September of 2004; just after she had made her re-location trek from Canada!
The other bartender Tanya was also there and we talked to her quite a bit about the dog and cat rescuing she's done while in Playa. She was very nice.

I ordered the Chicken Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and a cup of chili, which was very good. But, I was having a hard time eating at that moment (Mexico, ya know…) so, Angie ate it all.

The bill at Mom's. VERY reasonable!

It was dark by the time we got back from Mom’s

In front of Playa Maya

In front of Playa Maya

so we just went up to the room, made drinks and hung out on the balcony. Later we watched a CSI and Criminal Minds reruns, but with Spanish subtitles. I tried many, many times to get thru to Oh Lala for anniversary dinner reservations tomorrow on the house phone and cell phone, but could never get through…..
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Great trip report! Can't wait to see you guys again. I thought the zombie tourist look was your normal look, since that's the only way we've seen you!
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So enjoying you trip report. Was sorry to read that Laura's husband left could he do that to her and leave his precious daughter too?!?! Smh....

Did you bring home that way too adorable kitten???? Can't wait to find out!
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Love the costumes! I just decided on my costume for this Halloween and I fear we will be bringing a suitcase full of fx makeup as well....thankfull for free checked bags!
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Loved your costumes. Thank you for coming back and finishing this trip report.
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[edit: got the pics added}

We kinda slept in. Today is our 10th Anniversary and we planned to have our dinner tonight at Oh Lala. Their place was #1 on TA at the time. I went down to the front desk and they got thru to Mikaela right away. The problem was ……she was still in bed and would get back to me!!

Today we made the jaunt down to 38th and La Cueva del Chango. It is such a cool place; just as described in many reviews. It is like you’re eating out in a beautiful jungle paradise!

I ordered a Watermelon Kiwi juice. Angie got Mandarin Pineapple (38p each). We swapped

I had Chiliquilis with Eggs and Shredded Chicken in a Tomato Sauce (80p). Angie had Crepes with Shredded Chicken (76p). Both were Deelishous! .... And the Rob Zombie music was a nice touch, as it was the Day of the Dead! There were little alters set up here and there.

From there we taxied out to Playa Animal Rescue to wash some doggies for the Saturday Spa and Play Day. The dog wash was pretty much a bust. There was no washing going on; not even a kiddie pool of water for them to cool off in…. We ended up just walking four dogs and then Mauricio (the PAR Veterinarian) gave us a ride back to town. Angie did enjoy the nibbles she got from one of the dogs and spent a lot of time in the kennel with her.

It was hotter than Hades out there with those poor the dogs, so it was nice to get back in the room with some air conditioning for a few minutes.

We went down and got 3rd row beach chairs. Had some margaritas and then went bobbing out in the ocean.

After a while we took a walk down to the north end of the beach.

Hot Couple....

Yes, we take a picture of just about EVERY random dog we see on vacation!!

We made it as far as Mamita’s. Neither of us liked that part of the beach nearly as well as we do out in front of Playa Maya. It was stinky and dirty (at least on that day….). And SOOO crowded.

Not our scene AT ALL to be crammed in at one of those beach clubs, with possibly rows and rows and rows of loungers and umbrellas and cabanas between you and the sea! I was pretty unhappy when I had to sit at Playa Maya with just TWO loungers in front of me! We had two margaritas at Mamita’s; 200 pesos plus a 50 peso tip.

Looking back towards Kool, from Mamita's


Walking back......

......another Hot Couple.

Back to Playa Maya and split an order of fish tacos and some chips and salsa; another couple margaritas and some sex on the beach (the drink).

Then we were back out swimming around with goggles on looking at the minimal sea life that is in that area. The water was as calm as it had been since we've been here. My wife, a Pisces, is thoroughly drawn to the ocean. She was in heaven just bobbing and swimming around, giggling. I read some Chet and Bernie Mysteries while Angie spent more time in the water...

Dinner at Oh Lala!

Mikaela and George we're fantastic! I do not generally even like mussels, but the appetizer was delicious! We both had the night’s Lobster Specials with Filet Mignon. The beef was great, but we were not fond of the lobster. I was wondering if it was even possible for George to have an off night, but we heard later from some expats that the Carribean lobster isn't that great – if that’s even what we had. The service was impeccable and the recommended wine was outstanding (Casa Madero Merlot for 515p)!
Mikaela gave us a little cake with ice cream for our anniversary. (the bill came to 1,590p)

I know, crappy picture. It's all I have.

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Well done!
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Got the rest of the pictures added to the last day's post.

Sorry about the different sizes.
Some are from my album (which says I can upload 25 more, but it won't do it....) and the HUGE ones are on photobucket.

If anyone knows an easy way I can resize those, I'd like to know.
I'm guessing I have to resize them before uploading to photobucket....?

...working on Sunday and Monday now.
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