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lost on fifth
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Location: Calle 22nd entre 5 y 10, Playa del Carmen
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KAVA KAVA is now available in Playa del Carmen!

Kava Kasa has just opened! Located on Calle 22nd between 5 & 10. Look for the green light! Kava is served on Tuesdays 8:30am -10:30am at our hosted local vendor market and Tuesday - Sunday 5:30pm-11:00pm. We have live music every Thursday and Sunday night and will soon introduce our ladies night and game tournament night. We also have amazing donation based yoga classes 7 days a week. Find us on facebook at or visit our website

Bula! Welcome to Kava Kasa, Mexico’s FIRST Kava Lounge and your “Root to Happiness!” We are happy to serve a variety of natural organic Kavas, natural fruit & vegetable drinks, coffee, and healthy snacks in a comfortable and relaxing environment while paying tribute to a 3,000 year old South Pacific tradition. Our goal is to promote happiness, relaxation, socialization, and community for Playa’s diverse residents and visitors.

Kava is a traditional drink, thousands of years old, and still plays a key role in some South Pacific societies. It is enjoyed in ceremonies to honor visitors, unite participants and validate social identities. Today, there are over 1,200 Nakamals (Kava houses) in the Fiji Islands alone and a growing number in the United States. At Kava Kasa, we want to share this tradition and lifestyle with you.

Kava is a soothing drink with proven medicinal effects to naturally help ease stress, anxiety, tension, muscle soreness, and disrupted sleep patterns. The special anti-depressant components can fight the "blues" and cause one to feel happy, relaxed and content. The sensations one has when drinking Kava, in order of appearance, are: slight tongue and lip numbing, mildly talkative and sociable behavior, clear thinking, calmness, relaxed muscles, and a sense of well-being. Mental state, in terms of acuity and cognition, is not altered. In other words, the mind stays clear while the body relaxes. Unlike some tendencies that alcohol may have, Kava will not cause increased feelings of aggression or hangovers.

The effects of Kava vary widely with the particular selection of roots as there are many different strains available. One can find the right type and balance of Kava consumption to best suit their desired results. Kava also has a “reverse tolerance,” meaning with each session your experience will broaden with less consumption. Typically, it will take 3-5 Kava sessions to begin fully enjoying the benefits and effects of this miracle root.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your experience with us as we come together to share in this communal tradition.

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That sounds very interesting! Thanks for sharing!
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lost on fifth
Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Calle 22nd entre 5 y 10, Playa del Carmen
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Few people know about this miracle root so here is some more information for the readers.

HISTORY: A relative of the common household seasoning, black pepper, Kava is a plant from the South Pacific, whose name is derived from the Latin word “Piper Methysticum,” which literally translates as "intoxicating pepper." The root of the Kava plant is used to make an age-old herbal drink that was the beverage of choice for the Royal families of the South Pacific. Believed to originate from Melanesia, Kava grows abundantly in the sun-drenched islands of Polynesia. Although enjoyed for centuries by the islanders, it was only during Captain Cook’s voyage to the Pacific in 1768 when “white men” first encountered the plant and its consumption in sacred ceremonies. Today, there are over 1,200 Nakamals (Kava Houses) in the Fiji Islands alone and a growing number in the US.

QUALITY STANDARDS: Exportation of Kava is strictly regulated. Only strains deemed as "noble" varieties (not too weak or too potent) are allowed to be exported. In addition, some laws mandate that exported Kava must be at least five years old and farmed organically.

BENEFITS: The effect of Kava causes one to feel happy, relaxed and content. Kava’s relaxant and calming properties can help to offset a number of problems, most notably stress and disrupted sleep patterns. Kava has many more benefits and may also help to:
• Combat pain as an analgesic: the relaxant effect it has on the muscles can offset pain associated with a muscle spasm.
• Counter muscle problems: advocates of Kava suggest it might help to treat the muscle pain associated with Fibro Myalgia. This is a syndrome characterized by chronic pain in the muscles and soft tissues surrounding joints, fatigue, and tenderness at specific sites in the body.
• Hasten alcohol and tobacco cessation: due to its relaxant effect, Kava can help surmount the challenges of drug addiction.
• Treat urogenital problems: bladder and urinary tract infections have been treated with the traditional use of Kava for many years.
• Treat insomnia: consuming it before bed time has been shown to result in restful sleep - it primarily improves sleep quality and decreases the time needed to fall asleep.
• Treat anxiety and stress: symptoms associated with anxiety such as nervousness, restlessness, and dizziness has been offset with the use of Kava, as many studies have shown. One study found that it substantially improved symptoms of anxiety after only one week of treatment. Heart palpitations stemming from panic attacks have also been treated with Kava.
• Relieve depression: results of some studies suggest Kava may be as effective as certain anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications, without the harmful side effects.
• Improve recovery from stroke: due to Kavas ability to limit the damaged area of the brain, it can protect against brain damage resulting from ischemia and provide an anti-convulsive effect.

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: 43% starch, 3.2% minerals, 12% water, 3.2% simple sugars, 3.6% proteins, 15% Kavalactones. The active ingredients of Kava are the Kavalactones and other unnamed components which are found in its dense, fleshy, roots. The content of Kavalactones in any given Kava root varies from 3% to 20% - more than a dozen different Kavalactones have been discovered.
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Kava is a pretty potent herb and should be used with some caution. It affects many people in much the same way as alcohol does. It also interacts with other medications, such as coumadine, MOAI's and anything that affects dopamine.
I'm not saying the stuff is horrible but it's not benign like carrot juice, it's an herb that has potential healing effects which means it also has potential to cause problems and should be used with care.
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lost on fifth
Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Calle 22nd entre 5 y 10, Playa del Carmen
Posts: 13
Thanks for your post Full House. It is important for everyone to do their research when consuming a new product. I have found this article to be very informative.
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lost on fifth
Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Calle 22nd entre 5 y 10, Playa del Carmen
Posts: 13
Live Music Tonight - 7pm - 9pm

Every Thursday night we have an amazing vocal artist! Come enjoy a shell of Kava.
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Just walked up 22 between 5 & 10 twice and couldn't find your place.

Last edited by LB4Playa; 02-17-2014 at 11:06 AM.. Reason: Just noticed that you are not open today.
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lost on fifth
Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Calle 22nd entre 5 y 10, Playa del Carmen
Posts: 13
Hola LB4Playa,

Thanks for trying to stop by. We are closed on Mondays for kava but we do have 3 donation based yoga classes on Mondays. Our current hours of operation for Kava are Tuesday-Sunday 5:30pm - 11:00pm. We are also open and serving kava on Tuesday mornings for our local vendor market from 8:30am - 10:30 am.

We are the big palapa with a yellow gate located directly across from Reina Roja. At night we have a green lantern above our entrance. Sorry for your troubles in trying to locate us. I hope to see you there tomorrow morning or another night this week. We have live music on Thursdays and Sundays.

For more information look for us on facebook Kava Kasa Mexico.

All the best to you LB4Playa!
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