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very sparkly
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Sunday June 8th
We wake up sluggish thanks to the Havana, Tecate and Martinis. The only plans we had today were Wah Wah’s beach BBQ at 2pm. We decide to hang around the hotel until then. We go down for breakfast and it does not disappoint. This is a lot of food for free. Then we have a “Will Moment.” These are moments that only happen to my husband. He’s my man but he’s accident prone. Since these “accidents” happen only to him over and over we call them “Will Moments.” As I type this he has tripped up the stairs because his flip-flop came off his foot. See what I mean…….

As he was standing up he put too much pressure on the chair and broke the arm off. The workers came running over to assist. When they noticed he was ok we all had a big laugh. Thank you Steve for not putting that on our tab when we checked out the hotel LOL

I apologize in advance for the next block of photos. It was humid outside.

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very sparkly
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After breakfast we decide to relax by the ocean. Then we went back to the room to clean off and walk to Wah Wahs for the BBQ. It was not too crowded as we got there at 2:30sih. Food was nice, no complaints at all. We ate too much and drank even more. The band was nice and the ocean breeze kept the place at a nice temperature.

Havana and Coke


BBQ pork, chicken and salad. Gotta have some veggies even if they are smothered in 1000 Island dressing

After eating way too much we walk down 5th. There was a guy outside Fat Tuesday’s offering free samples. How could I refuse? I sampled just about all the drinks and decide to get a Pina Colada and Mango mix. It was refreshing while walking in the hot sun. Damn 5th Ave could use some shade. The sun was out in full force.

Will wanted ice cream so we stopped there for a scoop. He got it on a cone. Big mistake!! By the time we walked a few steps it was melting everywhere. That idea was better than the outcome. We went back to the room to clean up the melted ice cream and that’s when I noticed what looked like a storm over Cozumel. Yep sure enough it was.

Storm over Cozumel

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very sparkly
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After the rain a nice rainbow appeared in the sky.

Will sat on the patio enjoying more beers and I went into the room to watch my favorite channel in Playa. I donít remember the name but itís the channel that reruns NCIS, CSI, Castle, and Criminal Minds. All of my favorite shows on one TV channel, yep, I was in paradise.

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Thanks bunches!! Whoo Hoo! Another fab TR! Oh, I'm editing, I forgot to mention how much I love your pictures taken with condensation on the lens from being in AC! So real!!! Love it!

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lost on fifth
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Yeah! Loving your report and pictures. Thanks for posting. I'm looking forward to more.
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Thanks for the new report!!! That taco sampler platter looks amazing.
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Great report with wonderful pics! Playa Maya breakfasts are just the best aren't they! The whole place is just perfect. The staff are just the sweetest! Thank you you for your report!
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very sparkly
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For dinner we decide on Carboncitos. We went last year and the food was good. I ordered shrimp Alambres and Will had Fajitas.

Shrimp Alambres, very very yummy

Beef Fajitas, nice and tender meat. Lots of flavor

We did not do much after dinner but walk around 5th. We decide to call it an early night because we wanted to wake up early for Isla Mujeres tomorrow.
These are so cute. One day I will own one

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very sparkly
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Monday June 9th
Our plan was to catch the ADO bus to Cancun. Then take the ferry over to Isla Muejers. For some reason we did not wake up until 11am. That plan was out the window. We decided to go to Cozumel instead. I wanted to see the east side of the island. When we arrived at the ferry we had about 20 minutes until the next ferry arrived. The lady did not try to pressure us into buying a round trip ticket. She asked once, we said declined, and that was that.
There are plenty of places to kill time while waiting for the ferry. I went to purchase some water because it was very hot out today. I did not want to drink because I heard the ferry could be rocky. After purchasing water we walked around the area by the dock.

We saw the ferry pull in and people began to line up. At first everything was cool. Then they opened the gate and the chaos began. People were no longer in a polite line. They were trying to cut in front of each other. Some people had one person holding a spot and the rest came up front to join them. I had one person so close behind me I could feel his breath on my neck. I felt like Darth Varder was behind me. It was too hot for this mess. I stayed in my happy place and we found two seats inside. Majority of the people went upstairs.

The rocking of the ferry was relaxing to me. We both went to sleep about 10 minutes into the ride. When we were about to dock I noticed a lot of people got up. They formed a line to leave. I was not in a rush so I let them fight amongst themselves. It was crazy and I do not understand. We were among the last to exit. After using the restroom we looked for the taxi stand.

The posted sign said $700 pesos for a 3 hour island tour. I read on the Cozumel forum that with some negotiations you can get it for $500. We spoke for a while and the guy gave us the $500 price. He was really friendly but the taxi was hot. Both back windows were rolled up and the handles were missing. I asked twice to roll them down. He kept talking about the island. Finally I said it loudly because I was ready to exit. He then pulled over and gave us the handle to roll them down. I donít know if he didnít hear me or what. After rolling down the windows the ride was much better.

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very sparkly
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He recommended a few places but I knew where we wanted to go. First stop was for a photo op. Not sure where. He then offered to take us to the bar where we took photos. We declined and he was not pushy about it.

First stop was Coconuts.

Great drinks but horrible food. Well at least our food was horrible. We ordered Chicken Quesadillas. They were so greasy and tasted weird. The chicken tasted like it was cooked in leftover fish oil. I did not finish mine. My stomach is picky and I was not getting sick on this.

Gross food

Do you see the grease?

After taking photos and finishing our drinks we left. We couldn’t find our driver and began to get nervous. After looking around for 5-10 minutes he popped up out of nowhere. He thought we were going to stay longer. Heck we did too but the food was a turn off.

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Lovin' your report! The grease on that plate makes me queasy!!
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Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip!!
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very sparkly
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Our driver, Antonio, took us to another place to chill for a while. I wish I had my swimsuit. These were some lovely beaches. I wasnít expecting this part of the tour. I just assumed we would go from bar to bar. However the beaches he stopped at in-between were awesome. We stayed for a few photos and moved along. One thing I can say is the view is AWESOME. Itís like looking at a screen saver. I couldnít believe how pretty the ocean looked on the east side.

Next stop was Playa Bonita. Loved it. Great drinks and nice food. Will got the Steak Quesadillas and I ordered Fish tacos. Both were nice. I am a sucker for tourist drinks so I had to have this. I called him Ed. Yes I am one of those people who name everything; even my cars and plants.

It's ED!!

Fish tacos

After eating lunch they offered us a free shot of Tequila. I was nervous because I am a rum or vodka girl. If I must drink tequila it has to be good quality tequila. So I took a sip at first and it wasnít horrible. I was pleasantly surprised. We stayed around enjoying the breeze and the music. This place was awesome and I will return if in Cozumel again.

Beach at Playa Bonita

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very sparkly
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After leaving Playa Bonita we stopped at another place for more photos.

The driver said he can stay longer so we went on to Rastas. I was not impressed. Service was beyond poor. There was a couple who were also there for the first time. They didn’t know what to order and asked the bartender for recommendations. He was rude to them. The bartender told them to order whatever but hurry up. After witnessing this Will got a beer and I ordered punch. I wanted to get a drink and get the hell out of there. After our drinks were made no one brought them to our table. They sat on the bar. Will went over to get them since our server was too busy sitting on his butt. We drank half the drinks and left for outside. We took some photos and it was time to move on.

Will is so ready to get out of here

We did a little souvenir shopping and it began to rain. Perfect timing because we were leaving for the ferry. It was nice having a driver for the day. I can get use to this.

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very sparkly
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The ferry ride back was cool. Once we were approaching Playa people got up and formed a line. Again, I don’t get it. We sat in our seats and let the people shove and push to get off. Being the last to get off was nice. No one on my back breathing down my neck this time.

On the way back to the room we stopped for ice cream again. This time it did not melt all over us. Then we went back to the room to rest for a while.

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