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very sparkly
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Thank you for all the wonderful feedback. I greatly appreciate it.
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Great trip report, it's making me miss Playa. (and it's summer here) Too bad about your experience at Coconuts we have been there twice and enjoyed the food, and the killer drinks.
We have stopped twice at the Rasta bar and left after a few minutes, it didn't look too inviting to us.
We rented a car when we went to Cozumel, I didn't know a cab was that cheap, we will have to try that next time.

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In my opinion the taxi was an affordable option. After we went shopping, he offered to take us to Margaritaville. We declined because it was beginning to rain and we were tired. We ended up giving him the $700. Also there were 2 Carnival ships and 1 Disney while we were there. The island did not feel crowded to us.
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I. Do. Not. Want. This. Trip. Report. To. End....ever!

Awesome, thank you so much for taking the time to do this . Oh, and those greasy tacos made my tummy turn just looking at the picture, belch....
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Good thing you missed Margaritaville way over priced and mediocre food. Typical chain thing like Senior Frogs. If you go on Sunday, no cruise ships and the beach clubs don't charge entrance fees.
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Just loving your report! It's great how easy going you are and not letting rude people get to you. Don't you just love the Playa Maya! Their food is awesome(along with their staff etc.)! I'm always ready for breakfast at 8am! That doesn't happen anywhere else! Looking forward to more of your report!
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Oh, this is such a good trip report!! Can't wait for the rest!
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Great trip report, keep it coming!!
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way into it
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Yay! I've been sick for the past week and this new trip report just made me so happy! Cannot wait to read the rest! We will be there in August and I am getting so excited!!
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Thank you for posting that report. It's lunch time here and all I'm having is a protein shake - ish.....

I have a love hate relationship with trip reports. I always wish I was down there.
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Great job on your first trip report!
Looking forward to more.
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very sparkly
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After chilling in the room for a few we decide to go back out for a few more drinks. The plan was to go to Luna Blue. I did not know the location of the hotel. I assumed we would see it while walking north on 5th. We walked and walked; nothing. I really wanted to go to the bar at Luna Blue but it was still very humid outside. We were tired from walking around. In hindsight I should have just asked someone. Oh well, I think the heat was frying our brain at this point. Or maybe it was the booze. Who knows?

We decide to try the Cuban Bar. We are mojito lovers. The music was great but Lord it was hot as hell in there. No breeze, no circulating air, no nothing. There was only one fan above the bar and a group of 5 had that fan blowing directly on them. We had one mojito each and left. The heat in there was beginning to give me a headache.

We walked back south on 5th and the music at Tequila Barrel is appealing to us. They are playing top 40. We grab a seat and order a couple of beers. I had Sol and Will had Dos Equis. There was a couple at the table next to us. He ordered a bucket of Sols but his girlfriend didn’t want anymore. He gave us the other 2. SCORE! I loves me some free booze.

The vibe in here was electric. Everyone was having a good time. We decide to split a BLT to help absorb the liquor.

The beer was making me too full so I decide it’s time for some shots. We ordered a couple of Don Julios. The manager said they make their own tequila and suggested we try that. It was a lot cheaper than the Don Julio. I was hesitant because I do not like bad tequila. Heck, I don’t like bad booze period. We order a couple of the homemade tequilas and YUCK. It was like strawberry cough syrup.

He comes back and asks if we liked it. We were honest but the manager was cool about it. He got our Don Julios that we originally ordered. One round of shots turned into 2. That turned into 3. Next thing you know it’s was 12am.

As we were leaving it began to rain hard. I wasn’t in the mood to walk in the rain so we stayed a little while longer. This time we switched back to beer. The rain stopped about 30 minutes later. We walked back to the room and passed out.

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very sparkly
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Tuesday June 3.
We wake up around 11am. Will always wanted to go to Cancun. His friends have pumped it up. I had no desire to go. In my opinion Cancun is not worth the airfare. I can travel to Las Vegas or Miami at half the price. He gives me the guilt trip. “We never do anything I want to do” blah blah blah. When he’s right….he’s right LOL.

I decide to give in. We look online for something to do. When we vacation we love to walk around exploring this and that. This is why Playa has become our favorite vacation spot. We look at Google Maps, Trip Advisor and random websites for things in Cancun to do. We come up blank. Will finds a mall called La Isla. I figure if there is a mall there has to be something around it also. We decide to wing it. Before going we decide to have lunch at the hotel. I had the Coconut shrimp and Will had the burger. Both were good.

We went back to the room to grab our stuff then I noticed my leg was hurting. I looked down and I had the biggest bite on my right calf. It was red and purple. Will wanted me to go to a clinic and I promised if it became to bother me. I had some antibiotic cream so I used that. I don’t know what I got bit by but it did a number on my leg. I was itching for the rest of the day.

To get to Cancun we took the ADO bus. Very easy. When we pulled into the Cancun depot people began to form the obligatory line to get off. We sat in our seats and let them have at it.

We grabbed a taxi but there was a stalled car blocking the street. No cars could get around it. There was a tow truck attempting to move the car.

Since the entire street was blocked and no one could go around the car, our driver turned off the taxi. No big deal but after a while the heat became unbearable. I asked the taxi to turn the air conditioning on. He turned it on but began honking at the tow truck. I’m not talking about the friendly please hurry up honk. This was a move your ass honk. Like repeated honks back to back. We assumed since the car was running it’s burning gas and time is money. After he began honking at the tow truck driver, other cars followed suit. It was a honking contest and we were winning.

I don’t think this made things move any faster LOL. After about another 10 minutes we were finally moving again. This was our first time in Cancun. The hotel zone was really pretty. I tried to get photos but the taxi was driving really fast.

We arrived at the mall in one piece. The mall was gorgeous. Here are a few pictures.

We walked around for an hour or so. We wanted something to eat but none of the restaurants appealed to us. We were not starving but wanted a small bite to eat. While riding in the taxi I did not see anything within walking distance of the mall. We decided to split a sandwich at Starbucks. Yep we took the ADO bus from Playa to Cancun to eat at Starbucks. We both laughed at that.

After eating and not seeing anything worth walking to outside we decided to take the bus back. Will always wanted to see Cancun so I am glad he did. Not sure if we would stay out here because we like Playa so much more.

I am sure there was more to do in Cancun but we did not plan this well. It was a spur of the moment decision.

After finding the taxi stand the driver tells us a different price then what we paid to get here. We both protest. He said a taxi from downtown cost more. I called B.S but Will was tired and getting angry. I know what happens when he gets angry so I said eff it and paid the fare. Not happy at all. At this point we wanted to go home; Home being Playa. We missed Playa very much at this point.

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very sparkly
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We have a little time to kill waiting for the bus back to Playa. We walk to the Oxxo across the street for something to drink. I took random photos of the snacks.

The bus ride back was uneventful. People formed the line and did the shove-dance to get off. We were amongst the last again. By now a drink is needed. Hell 5 drinks are needed right about now

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very sparkly
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Sorry guys. I really wanted to finish this day but Photobucket is down. I tried logging into Photobucket on three different devices. Seems like it's down for everyone.
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