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Thank you so much for your trip report. I am not finished with it (I'm still on the ferry coming back from Coz)...LOL, but wanted to post a reply and let you know that I am enjoying it very much.
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Great report!

I hope photobucket comes back up soon so we can see more pictures!!!
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I'm loving your trip report I have to say I've never been to Cancun either ... next February we're going back to Playa and spending a few days in Isla Mujerus for the 1st time so I'm excited...hope photobucket comes back up for you because your camera takes really great shots
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We've spent many trips in the past in Cancun and have been to La Isla mall so many times....I remember when Hurricane Wilma pretty much destroyed it. Haven't been back in Cancun in years ourselves.

Love the pics....hate the barrels in the water. Ugh. Such an eye sore. Why ruin our beautiful water?
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Red face

Sorry for the delay. I am going to try and finish up our last two day now
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We stopped at La Vada Bunda. My food was great but did not photograph well. Will got the fish and chips. He loved it. For some reason it made him sweat. It was not spicy either. He began to sweat while eating and couldn’t stop. It was hilarious. The more water he drank the worst it got. He was wondering what the heck was wrong with him. Trust me it was funny.

After leaving here we needed a new bottle of Havana. It was late and we did not want to walk to Mega. La Eupora was closed also. We ended up at some place on Calle 8 and 10th Avenue. Prices weren’t too bad. They did not have the same Havana so we got what was available and a 6 pack of Tecate. Then we retired to the room. It was a long day. I turned on my favorite channel and we polished off the bottle of Havana.

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Tuesday June 4.

I woke up feeling like crap. That Havana was not the same. Lord have mercy. It wasn’t a hangover but I was not at 100%. After drinking three 32oz bottles of water I slowly began to feel better. It was my last day and being in the bed was not on the agenda. We slowly got moving and decided on Fusion for lunch. The food did not disappoint. I had the fish filet and Will had a steak burrito. We also split a salad. For drinks we had a watermelon and sprite cocktail. It had vodka, sprite and lime juice with watermelon balls on top.

While sitting there I hear a loud bang. I looked at Will and I know that look on his face. We just had a “Will Moment.”
Will was trying to stretch his leg. He thought since the upper part of the window was open that the lower part was too. He was wrong. He kicked the window frame loose. The screws came out. The workers came over and stared at us. The window did not break and they were able to screw the frame back in.

At this point I ask Will if he is trying to catch a case down here. First the broken chair at Playa Maya and now the window at Fusion. We decide to count our blessings and move on.

Since the breeze from the ocean is so nice, we decide to beach-bar hop. The first place was Pelicano Inn. They had a sign advertising 2 for 1 drinks. The drinks had to be the same exact drink to get the special. I really wanted a Pina Colada and Will wanted a Margarita. The waiter would not allow it if we wanted the special. I decided to get a mango Margarita and Will got a strawberry Margarita. While sitting in the chairs we notice the ants in the sand. Lots of them. They were crawling everywhere. We decided to move on because they were crawling up the legs on the chairs.

We went to the room to drop off some stuff since we were right next door. Every day we had different towel art on the bed. Today’s art was so pretty. This is what we came back to.

After freshening up in the room we decided to continue north.

Next stop was Zenzi. They had a Reggae Band setting up when we arrived. The drinks were good. This ended up being my favorite place. They did not skimp on the liquor in our drinks. We only stayed for one song and a drink. We knew it was getting late and we wanted to hit at least one or two more places.

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We went down to Lido next. I thought the place looked real pretty. The food smelled great but we were still stuffed from Fusion. We ordered two drinks and enjoyed the music. They were playing 70 and 80’s R&B and disco. Any place that plays Saturday Love by Cherrelle is alright in my book.

It was getting late and we did not pack yet. Our ride was arriving at 5:30am to take us to the airport. We decided to go back to the hotel and pack up.

After packing up majority of our stuff we were hungry. We decided to try another place on our list, El Fogon. We went to the location across from Mega. It was another hot and steamy night in Playa. They had a few tables in front of the cooking station available. No one wanted to sit there. The heat was unbearable if you sat there. We got the last table on the other side of the room on the street.

The smell in this restaurant is very aromatic. Looking at the menu we were acting like kids in a candy store. I wanted everything. Will decided on Arracherra Alambres. I ordered the Arrachera special. Mine came with bean soup. Oh my Goosh, that bean soup was heaven. I wanted to finish it but the soup was hot and the restaurant was hot. I had to stop because I was sweating up a storm.

Once the food arrived there were no words to be spoken. We ate like there was no tomorrow. Please believe the hype. El Fogon is the truth. Hands down, this was my best meal of the trip.

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We walked along 5th to ease our full bellies. We picked up a few souvenirs for the family and decided to call it a night

On our way to the hotel we had one last stop for ice cream. I had a slice of cake. It was a somber walk back to the room.

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By the time we passed out the alarm was blearing in my ear. It was a very depressing moment. It was time to leave. Why can’t we stay forever? Our driver from USA Transfer was waiting on 8th when we walked out. The drive back to the airport was uneventful. We had a little wait after we checked in. We went to Margaritaville

After that we walked around and found a corner to relax in. Our flight arrived and it was time to go back to reality.

We really enjoyed Playa . We have a cruise lined up for next year but we hope to be back in Playa by 2016. I just hope we recognize it. Between 2013 and 2014 there were a lot of changes. Who knows what it will look like in 2016 but I can’t wait to find out.
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Well done.
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Nice report! Thanks!
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Thanks for the trip report! I"m so dying to go to Playa and probably not going to get to so this new report was just what i needed
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We ate at Margaritaville when we were at the airport in May also... Food was not that great... I remember telling Michael... I miss Playa already!! This food is not good!!
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For us it's always an adjustment to return to American style Mexican food. (I hope that makes sense) When I returned to work they ordered Chipotle for us. I stared at my burrito like this isn't the same Then a few days later the kids wanted Taco Bell, I almost cried looking at those tacos lol
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