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We had dinner at Lola Valentina. The food was excellent and the chef made sure to come out and say hello to all the tables. We had gone there because I had read raves about their chile rellano, and they sold the last one right before we ordered. This restaurant isn’t cheap, its certainly not expensive either, but it well worth the price for the high quality ingredients and well thought out dishes.

IMG_2169 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2166 by rumseywb, on Flickr

The drinks were great too. Cucumber daiquiri maybe?

IMG_2167 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2168 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2171 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2172 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2173 by rumseywb, on Flickr

Grilled octopus. Tender with an Asian soy dipping sauce. We shared with the kittys.

IMG_2175 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2176 by rumseywb, on Flickr

A stuffed pepper dish, but not the fried one Dave was looking for.

IMG_2177 by rumseywb, on Flickr

Tamarind fish….heavenly

IMG_2178 by rumseywb, on Flickr

Another tasty beverage. I have no idea what it was…this is why I should wait so long to finish a trip report.

IMG_2179 by rumseywb, on Flickr

Dark chocolate empanadas with caramel sauce, ice cream and pepitas. OMG…and I don’t even like chocolate.

IMG_2180 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2182 by rumseywb, on Flickr

After dinner we took a walk around town and explored the little grocery store off the basketball courts.

IMG_2183 by rumseywb, on Flickr

New food stuffs we couldn’t figure out.

IMG_2184 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2185 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2186 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2187 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2188 by rumseywb, on Flickr

I believe we went back to Rock Bar after that and drank many many tequilas.
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I believe we went back to Rock Bar after that and drank many many tequilas.

A girl and guy after our own heart!!!
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Originally Posted by jackjackattack View Post
A girl and guy after our own heart!!!
Yep! You will enjoy the upcoming segment in which I meet the most dangerous margarita on earth!
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way into it
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wonderful pics thank you
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Day 3

I took a lot of pictures today, so I will break them up by activity so it doesn't take too long to load. We rented a cart today (for 24hrs) and went exploring, but we wanted to time the cart rental so we could return it after checkout time and on our way to the ferry, so we decided to check out the cemetery before we got the cart.

It was right before Day of the Dead, so there were a lot of workers cleaning up and doing repairs. Its so beautiful and colorful.I really wish I had a better camera to really zoom in on some of the interesting decorative items. Its also a little difficult to maneuver in the cemetery, because there aren't really any walkways, so its a matter of squeezing in between plots and walking on uneven ground, and then hitting dead ends.

IMG_2189 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2191 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2192 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2193 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2194 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2195 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2196 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2197 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2198 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2199 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2200 by rumseywb, on Flickr

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So, funny story…on our way to rent our cart, Dave got swarmed by the navy police. I had gone into the ATM vestibule to get some cash, and he decided to roll a cigarette while he waited. Immediately, he was surrounded by 3 military police, one in front of him and one to either side (Inches from his face), with their commanding officer standing behind them. They brought the dog closer and lets the dogs sniff him. When the dogs didn’t react at all, they just turned around and walked away and never said a thing. Of course I missed the whole thing, but apparently this was quite an event for everyone watching.

And now for some random around town pictures and pictures I took from the gold cart. If you go to Isla, even just for the day, must rent a cart. So much fun. I really loved Isla, but if all I had seen was the downtown area, I would have been very disappointed and likely would never go back. We had a Mapchick map, and we did use it when we were trying to locate specific places (like the Chedraui and the turtle farm), but mostly we just randomly drove around.

IMG_2202 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2203 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2208 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2210 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2215 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2216 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2217 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2220 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2221 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2225 by rumseywb, on Flickr
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I really liked Isla. Great walking town. And the cemetery rivals those in New Olreans.

Thanks for the pics. A nice little memory relived. And as always... The food pics!
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We headed out toward Punta Sur, making the obligatory stop at the overlook above Garrafon Park on the way. Unfortunately, I accidentally switched my camera to portrait mode and didn’t notice until we got to Punta Sur, so none of the pictures came out well.

I tried editing to fix them, but blah. But here’s one just to prove I was there. Lol

IMG_2228 by rumseywb, on Flickr

Punta Sur. Colors are still off in the first few pictures, but I caught the setting change soon enough. I might have cried if none of these pictures had come out. We didn’t pay extra to go out to the tip and see the sculptures, but they looked like many of them had seen better days. I was in complete awe of how beautiful it is up here. I just kept looking down at the color of the ocean and wondering how it could be real.

IMG_2234 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2235 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2238 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2240 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2244 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2245 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2246 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2248 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2249 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2251 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2253 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2256 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2257 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2262 by rumseywb, on Flickr
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After Punta Sur we headed over to Garrafón de Castilla to do some snorkeling. This is right next to Garrafon Park, but only 50 pesos to get in and make use of the snorkeling area and loungers. It's a bit run down, and I don’t really get how people spend all day here and treat it like a beach club, but we enjoyed it quite a lot of the chance to see some cool fish. We rented a locker and I didn’t bring my waterproof case, so no real pictures from the actual experience as my camera was locked away.

This was really my first experience snorkeling with a lot of fish. I was worried that I might freak out with so many fish circling around me, but I loved it. Apparently its only the fish I CAN’T see that fill me with terror. I really need to purchase my own snorkel and mask before my next trip though, because the rented ones never fit properly and I ended up holding the mask and suctioning it to my face with one hand, which really didn’t help my ability to swim while doing so. Oh, and don’t let the pictures fool you, the water entrance is all stones…bring water shoes if you have sensitive feet like me.

IMG_2268 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2269 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2270 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2271 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2272 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2273 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2274 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2275 by rumseywb, on Flickr
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Gold cart selfie

After snorkeling we took a quick stop back at the hotel to clean ourselves up a bit. Having a gold cart is the best. Then we headed back out for lunch at Barlito.

IMG_2284 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2287 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2288 by rumseywb, on Flickr


IMG_2289 by rumseywb, on Flickr

We wrapped some electrical tape around our cart rails so that we would be able to tell it apart from all the other carts. Sometimes it’s nice having a husband who carries everything under the sun in his pockets.

IMG_2290 by rumseywb, on Flickr

Barlito has such a beautify setting at the marina. It was pretty dead at the time because the roads were closed and I guess people were being told that the businesses on the road were closed. That was not true, just had to take a detour to get there. They just put in a new pool that is available for use to non-hotels guests and the community for a small fee. I believe I read they are offering swimming lessons to the local kids.

IMG_2291 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2292 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2293 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2294 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2295 by rumseywb, on Flickr

One of the waiters gave us a tour…everyone there was so nice. This is the new pool. They were just finishing it up when we were there.

IMG_2296 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2297 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2300 by rumseywb, on Flickr

Yes, I must have the mountain of nachos. They were really good.

IMG_2301 by rumseywb, on Flickr

The grouper sandwich was super fresh and perfectly fried.

IMG_2302 by rumseywb, on Flickr
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Next up…turtle farm. It is going to take some serious restraint not to post all eleventy billion pictures of took of the turtles. I squealed like a small child. OMG turtles. I love them.

IMG_2303 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2306 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2308 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2311 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2314 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2315 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2319 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2325 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2326 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2328 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2332 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2335 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2338 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2339 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2340 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2343 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2348 by rumseywb, on Flickr
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After the turtle farm we stopped at The Joint. Sadly we had just missed the music. We stayed for a drink, but I was getting eaten alive by bugs and witness a situation with one of the dogs there that made me uncomfortable, so we took off. Cute place though.

IMG_2349 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2350 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2351 by rumseywb, on Flickr

We then made our way over to Soggy Peso. This is where things go terribly wrong. I knew they were known for their potent margaritas. If you know me, you know I can handle my liquor. I have had 2 large Wah Wah margaritas followed up by 2 of the large Carboncitos margaritas after drinking on the beach all day with barely a slurred word. After 3 margaritas I noticed I was getting a little loud, but then again, so was everyone else (getting loud is my sure sign that I am on my way towards drunkenness, but 3 drinks wouldn’t normal put me anywhere near that.. Then someone started buying rounds for the bar. I dunno, I lost count at 5. I don’t really remember anything after that until I vomited up my fish tacos back at PA. When did I eat fish tacos, you may be asking yourself? Well, apparently after we left the bar I fell asleep in the cart and Dave figured the best thing to do was to get me food. But he didn’t know where to go, so he just took me back to Bally Hoo. Apparently I was well behaved and not obnoxious, but I don’t remember, though I still managed to take pictures of my tacos. I can’t remember the last time I made myself sick from overdrinking…years ago. Dave tucked me in and went down to Rock Bar where he was told that Soggy Peso uses 100 proof triplesec in their margaritas, so for each one, its really several drinks worth of liquor. Doh! Lesson learned, it was a fun place though.

IMG_2354 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2355 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2356 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2357 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2359 by rumseywb, on Flickr

Needless to say, the next morning I was hurting. It was time to leave and head to Playa. I wanted to eat before we got on the ferry, but most of the places along that row were not open yet, so I just sucked it up. Just as we arrived in Cancun, it started to pour. My plan to take a taxi to the bus and then the bus to Playa dissolved and I paid too much money and just took a taxi the whole way.

IMG_2360 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2362 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2363 by rumseywb, on Flickr

IMG_2372 by rumseywb, on Flickr

So, to recap my whole trip. I loved Isla…loved it, but Playa still has my heart. We had a blast and I would love to go back and eat at the million other fish restaurants, but its not a place I would want to spend 2 weeks or a place I could see myself living. I am a city girl through and through, and I don’t fall into the category of people that wish Playa was still a quiet fishing village. I like a little more action. I prefer the beaches in Tulum to the beaches on Isla, so even if I wanted to get away from it all, Isla wouldn’t be my first choice for that either.

Now I really really miss Mexico! 104 days!
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Great pics. Not sure you'll remember, but I introduced myself to you in the water at PA one day. I'd have to agree with all your observations...PA was what it was, but at the price i can t compain and we had ocean view for $150 AI. Left plenty of opportunity to explore, eat and drink off site. We loved Isla, it was beautiful but for two weeks it was a bit long. One year we split a long trip between Akumal and Playa and we couldnt wait to get to the Playa segment. Seems we're city folks as well. When we got back I said to my wife that I missed PLaya this trip. We'll likely split trips between locations in the future when we take two weeks.
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.. Loved all of it!! ..
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Great report! I would be upset about the resort too and you've convinced me to not ever stay there. I was on the fence about it, now I know. I think the cock roaches were the deciding factor for me. I know, they are everywhere - but I've not seen them where we've stayed. I doubt we will be able to visit PDC this year either, but thats good thing since my precious elderly cat is still with us and doing as well as can be expected. So thanks for posting so I can get my fix
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