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Jaguar conservation and important work in a community in Playa

DONATIONS NEEDED!! Coco´s has been collaborating in a very important mission with an endangered species, the JAGUAR. A couple of months ago an 11 year old boy named Uriel reported that there was a "Tiger" attacking the pets in his neighborhood. This place is located on the outskirts of Playa del Carmen, a community without running water, electric or road surfaces. Coco’s reported the situation with the help of Roman Weikop from the organization ORGFAS and started collaborating in this "Man-Jaguar" conflict with Anta Balam AC (jaguar conservation organization) and CONANP (government organization), who were in charge of the operation. Coco’s realized the importance of having the pets from this community healthy and under the reproduction control program to avoid the transmission of diseases from them to the wild animals. We have since carried out over 100 sterilizations, de-worming, rabies vaccinations and treatments to injured dogs from the jaguar attacks. These animals are fully recovered now.

Coco’s veterinarian Dr Laura Bevilacqua collaborated in the capture and relocation of this male 64 kilo Jaguar named "Caan Balum", who is now free and monitored in a safe place. To read more about this please see the press release below.

We have a lot more work to do in this and other communities, if you want to help this project you can donate via PAYPAL to or deposit to our SCOTIABANK account. Every donation helps!!
Account number: 23 700143316
Iban: 0044694237001433167

With the joint efforts of civil servants and local authorities, a jaguar has been relocated to the east of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.
After several weeks of planned and coordinated action, an adult male jaguar weighing 64 kilos has been relocated as a precaution, due to his presence near a local community to the east of Playa del Carmen. The presence of the jaguar in urban areas is due to the destruction of their natural habitat which, of course, forces them to move to other areas in search of food.
Raccoons, deer and jabalies are scarce as these are being hunted by people, causing the decrease of the main food source of the jaguar.
During a free spay & neuter campaign for cats and dogs in this area, Coco's Cat Rescue (organization dedicated to the sterilization of cats and dogs) received various reports from locals regarding the disappearance of their pets and also injured pets that had shown clear bite marks from a large animal, until then not identified.
Laura Arguello having been informed of the situation then reported the incidents to ORGFAS A.C. (Organization that provides attention to the wildlife in the region) who in turn presents a formal notification to PROFEPA and SEMARNAT about the recent events. At the same time they started to provide medical attention to the injured pets and gathered more information regarding the findings.
Diego Woolrich , Veterinarian and director of Anta Balam A.C (group of experts who develop conservation projects for the jaguar species) in conjunction with GRI( Immediate response team), Laura Arguello Martin Porta (representatives of local group dedicated to educate local communities about the wildlife) and Coco’s Cat Rescue Veterinarian, Dr Laura Bevilacqua, worked together and became the local support group for the community. Raul Padilla from Rio Secreto resort and biologist Jesus Iglesias also participated with the permission of the local authorities and the representative of Playa del Carmen’s Ejido Angel Francisco Mendoza, President of the board of Vigilance.
The case was named “Man-Jaguar Conflict" created in Mexico by the CONANP and a jaguar specialist who studied the jaguar in Mexico. Placing cameras on the trees that had an automated picture system, they were able to capture images of the animal when in movement. Almost immediately photographic images of a male adult jaguar were obtained. This of course was considered a critical site for both humans and jaguar, so it was decided it was necessary to capture and relocate the jaguar to avoid any future attacks. Dr Francisco Remolina from CONANP asked for permission from the Director General of Wildlife Protection, who in turn authorized the capture, anesthesia and relocation of the jaguar to a different site but near enough to preserve the jaguar's genetic potential in the zone.
During this time, specialists studied the jaguar's behavior so that the capture would be of minimal risk for all involved and of maximum security for the community, the handlers and above all, the jaguar.
With the technical support and funding from the CONANP and COVIDEC A.C. a steel mesh was placed in an area of 300 meters to make a funnel and lead the jaguar directly to the trap. The trap was placed in that area and for 7 weeks was controlled by local guards and local people who had been affected by the jaguar. Finally on Sunday 12 October, the jaguar was captured.
Once captured, the jaguar was tranquilized and handled by the specialists team lead by Diego Woolrich of Anta Balam AC, Dr Laura Bevilacqua representing Coco’s Cat Rescue and coordinated by Dr Francisco Remolina from the CONANP and support from Martin Porta and Laura Arguello. Documentation of the case was done by Francisco Chimal Chan and Jose Antele Marcial from CONANP Yum Balam. Carlos Poot Paca and Jose Bernardo Canche Poot were field experts on the case.
Anesthetic was applied to the Jaguar and samples taken for the necessary studies, after a general evaluation of the jaguar to ensure it was healthy, the jaguar was then transferred to a site furthest from the community. A considerable distance away from homes and farms, the jaguar was then released.
One of the main reasons the jaguar came so close to humans and their pets is because of the lack of food supply in its habitat. In search of the natural pray it needs for its survival, the jaguar had no other option but to find replacement nourishment and in some cases unfortunately these were people's pets. This is a direct consequence of the fast growing and uncontrollable destruction of the jaguar's natural habitat due to an increase in the construction of highways, and urbanization that are affecting the survival not just of the jaguar but also of other species in danger. As a result the jaguar and other species are continuously on the move in search of a new territory and food. In their search they are becoming familiarized with humans and unfortunately for them in the majority of cases this will mean the certain death of the animal.
A community support program is now in place for 6 different locations close Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Puerto Morelos. This group is in place to support locals and also to protect various species in that area, under the Conservation for Endangered Species program provided by CONANP.
We would like to mention that none of this investigation would have been possible without the support from the community of Bellavista and Invasion. Floriberto Reynosa Diaz, and his wife MArbella, DonBraulio and his wife Ana, Johana, Josmar Don Herminio and JEsi, and most of all to Uriel, the young boy who reported the pets that has been attacked.
The jaguar, now named "Caan Balum" is currently being monitored via a satellite collar for further studies and investigation.
Diego Woolrich Bermudez
Director de Anta Balam A.C.

Martin Porta
Red Comunitaria para la Conservación del Jaguar
+52 1 984 593 3925

This is Uriel

Visit our facebook fan page
cel.984 12 00 572
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