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Gifts for cleaning staff

were coming in March, so excited, been to Mexico a few times, looking for suggestion on gifts we can bring for AI resort staff. Primarily the maids, is there something they really appreciate, desperately need and/or can't get in Mexico, were coming from Canada. I know CASH is King, but I like to bring gifts as well. There always so friendly and work so hard. Input appreciated
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Yes. Cash is king.
Can't go wrong with that.
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If you give gifts at an AI you have to also write the recipient a note proving it's a gift or the resort will assume the worker is stealing.
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People can buy pretty much anything in Mexico they need or want, these days. (Even in Cuba, the experts tell people to not bring items to give out, these days, for various reasons.) We just leave pesos.

I feel it is a bit presumptuous to leave anything more personal to strangers. I go by the rule of thumb-if I wouldn't leave a server or maid a 'gift' item or trinket in Canada, (and I would never) then why would it be acceptable in Mexico?

An exception might be someone you have gotten to know over the years at a hotel you return to over and over, and developed more of a relationship with.
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All correct answers above! Don't bother packing things from home to give to the maids. It's difficult for them to leave the hotel with these items and there are plenty of stores where they can buy exactly what they need. Money is the way to go!
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