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way into it
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Barcelo Tropical 5-16 to 5-23 2015

We just returned we had a nice time and met wonderful people.

We were in the Veracruz building only downside much construction around that area and they start early we are up and out for the day so not a big deal for my family.

The pools were dirtier than usual especially in the Tropical and the Colonial area we did notice them scrubbing the sides last day or two but lot of trash in the pools I noticed and I never saw anyone vacuuming even when we went our early for sunrise walks?
We ate at the Steak House and the new Japanese one in the mall as well as the Spanish and the Italian. My favorite I would say the Spanish the staff was excellent there very very nice and they all sang Happy Birthday to my 7 yr old who just celebrated he LOVED that so did we Only downside was the girl who booked our restaurants did not explain there were two Japanese restaurants we had not been since 2012 so we went to the one in Colonial area and had to book it run to other once we were told of the difference we should have looked at our ticket more closely but we didn't realize as we booked our restaurants upon check in that there were places in the new Maya Mall to eat. We had the new guy he was okay but the other groups were really clapping having a good time it was okay rice was best part steak was tough but I am allergic to seafood and they were very good about that and taking precautions for me that I appreciated very much!
The Italian and the Spanish were very good meals
The beach was nice lot of seaweed but they trucked it off a lot so not such a big deal to us the staff was all very nice we did have to get our keys upon check in re scanned they kept taking the scanner machine and coming to our room and other rooms to fix I saw many I don't know why if it was due to the construction but many had trouble getting into rooms. We did upon check in but then she came out and fixed it were good after but I met her in the hallways many times with the handheld machine to go to guests rooms I would say oh no another one she would say oh yes........ I am sure that was fun times some people I'm sure were livid after 12 hours of travel who wants to go back to front desk 2x oh well she took care of it not her fault.
The construction was def loud and jack hammering started about 7 am and they were working concrete and paving etc until 11 pm some nights we are early risers and you don't notice any of it at the pool or beach or bars or restaurants but if I had known the extent of it I would have moved rooms got worse longer were were there I Just did nt want to take time to move rooms but I feel that they should have closed the building we were in Veracruz for as loud as it was and building shaking at 7 am
We met some great families our son had a great time and we will return maybe another Barcelo Resort or at the new Cari be next time I like the beach much better in that section anyways. The concierges and the staff all very nice.
The bartenders are all good very nice down at the Colonial bar I ddint care for couple of them way they would not wait on folks in order and one guy kept adding to my drink i was like stop and I never drank it bc it 80% rum 20% other and wasn't for me he thought it was funny then he gave some lady crap bc she wanted waters she said she had to be up early w kids she seemed annoyed by him. I just went to others after so I could get a decent drink and service.
The food at the buffet was good and we enjoyed breakfast and lunch in the International round Restaurants and ate at the beach all good all nice staff.
We went fishing with our longtime fisherman friend in Playa Angel no big fish this year but we had a good time we snorkeled saw turtles got some small fish he is very reasonable and treats us right so glad to have met him few years back got ripped off price wise before that. We definitely go to him each time anyone looking for him go to the boats down by Blue Parrot in Playa ask for Angel he has his own boat great guy also have his contact email anybody wants it msg me we have been with him 5x times now great great guy and we have caught some monster fish with him too.
We used USA Transfers as we always do thats the way to go they also very very good on time and clean vans with seatbelts etc we did wait a little upon arrival but it was Saturday and kinda expect and out of like 5x times this is first we ever had to wait like 15 min normally they scoot us right off no biggie to me. I'm on vacation things have to get really bad for me to complain in general the construction was worse than we expected but I don't sleep in and don't sit in my room so no big deal if I slept til 10 or wanted to nap in my room well that may have been a problem this trip loud shaking of building

Our room was also good we did have a cabinet door fall off lucky no toes in the line of fire I moved it to side of the entertainment center and we had one of the shampoo dispensers not working had to remove and pour it and they didn't replace my wash clothes but as a former housekeeper I would guess there's a shortage for some reason people take them but I tracked one down and she gave me some I never called front wasn't that life affecting to me.
I did notice upon check out the girl did not ask how everything was? I found that odd but hey that's me
Overall I will return prob go with Beach Caribe next time we had great time great weather great family time its a winner for us.
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I'm not sure I would go back after encountering so many issues, but that's me. Glad you had a good time despite the hiccups, you are obviously a very relaxes person and I wish I was more like you, lol!
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way into it
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We really did enjoy it and it was not disruptive to us really I did have to take a few detours but the amount of beer and food and wine ect I consumed a few extra steps wasn't a bad thing. Everybody has a different tolerance level I find when I read reviews that's just how it makes sense to me when I read some.
We have been there 3x now I may venture out to others but I love the beach there.
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way into it
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Thanks for the info on the construction area. Will be there in 30 days.
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