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May 2015 PDC trip report

This is an overdue trip report from May 2015. I lost my notebook with all my details of each day and meal, but will try to reconstruct it with the photos.

Saturday May 2: Few direct out of Cleveland and arrived in Cancun around 9:30am. Quick ADO trip to Playa and got to hotel room early (Club Yebo). They let me leave my stuff as I went to lunch and shopping for supplies at Mega. This was another solo trip, with plans to meet up with many crazy May peeps. The week would NOT disappoint!!

My first stop for lunch was the above taco place on Constituyeuntes and between 5th and 10th, directly across from the new mall. I had fish tacos which were very good. I sat there making my shopping list for Mega: cervesa, water, Diet Pepsi, pastries, wine, cheese.

After my trip to Mega and back to the hotel to unpack, it was time to venture out for dinner. I had yet to try La Famiglia, an Italian restaurant located at Avenida 10 con Calle 10. The pizza was awesome!! Pizza is my favorite food and I love to try the Playa pizzas. Last trip I tried Romeo's, which I just loved. This was just as good, if not better. I had enough left over to snack on for a few days afterward. Doesn't it look good?

I then meandered and found Bar Ranita, a place I had not been before. I didn't know anyone. I had a few beers and a shot of tequila. I was then really overcharged and did not get enough change back. Once I pointed this out to the barmaid, she corrected it.

After this, I went back to the room and finished organizing things, sat with my feet in the pool and just appreciated being back in Playa.

Tomorrow......the Sunday Flea Market!!
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I think my wife and I ran in to you(and vermiciousknid and husband) at don chendo and wah wah throughout the week.

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I Wander
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Good you got it going. More for everyone
Thanks for posting
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*happy dance*
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Sunday, May 3, 2015:
Today I walked and got my exercise going to Playa's flea market. It is quite a bit north, running mainly east to west, cannot remember where it started or where it ended. Will find out and repost. But as a wild guess, I think it may start on Calle 56 and Avenida 15 or 20? Who can help me?
Anyways, the flea market was blocks and blocks and blocks long. Very interesting stuff to see, with no tourists at all, but all locals.
Here are some pictures (I took a ton of pics):

As you can see, there were all kinds of items for sale, from gym bags, sandals, hair supplies, tools, fresh fruits and vegetables.
I have more pictures of the fresh produce and the poor conditions of the locals.
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Great start ! this is great timing . 2 ft of snow headed to east coast
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Great start, we will be at Club Yebo in 34 days.
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Thanks Maddison1002...good read......sonofdob
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Originally Posted by VermiciousKnid View Post
*happy dance*
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I feel like these are pictures of how the locals live, but I do not want to come across as gawking at the stark conditions. I respect the people of Mexico highly and they are wealthy in their lives by loving family and life itself. I hope this is not offensive.

The problem with taking such a long hike with plenty of water is that when nature calls, there is no where to go. I ventured to some very fancy condos on the water, the public beach, and a 711 where there was no bathroom. It was a long walk back....
Here are some cool buildings with artwork painted on the sides:

These are located on the very far north end of Fifth Avenue, found them as I was returning from the flea market.

I want to become a better photographer with capturing bold colors and simple beauty. Here is one lame attempt. But, hey, it is colorful.

I'm trying to remember what else I did for the rest of that Sunday. The adventure to the flea market was about an hour's walk to and from, so I got back to the hotel sometime around 2:30pm.
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Here are some pictures of the new mall located at Fifth and Constituyentes. I guess it's not so new anymore, but it was the first time I saw it completed. The only store I was semi-interested in was La Europa. At night, it reminded me of being in Cancun. I do understand both sides of the mall controversy. I am not putting in an opinion one way or the other.

Inside the mall, looking down from second floor to first floor:

Picture taken on second floor:

The Michael Jackson impersonator was pretty cool to watch:

It was at this location, Tenth and Constiuyentes (please someone help my spelling), that I was to meet the infamous "Pauly" to deliver him a package from the States. The first meet-up did not occur, despite both of us waiting for a long time. Me, at the corner of the back end of the mall on Tenth, and him, over on Calle 10. Can't remember the details of the mix-up, but after quite of bit of instruction, we got him to the fountain at Fifth and Const. another day....
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That brings us to...Monday May 4....the big day to go see Barry & Phyllis in Puerto Morales!!!
A group of us took the ADO to Puerto Morales for the day. I had never been there before, so I was looking forward to the new location and, of course, seeing the wonderful Barry & Phyllis again!! Barry and I share a birthday, so it's always good to see a fellow Scorpio!
The bus did not stop at PM where it was supposed to and thank goodness for Leslie, she alerted the bus driver to STOP!! Luckily we hadn't gotten too far from the original stop and hoofed it to the entrance. I think we took taxis from the highway to the Paradise Beach Club, where a whole section of seats was reserved for us.
The group included a bunch of Playa regulars and I know I'm gonna forget some who were in our group. Wish I hadn't of lost my notebook. Ok, Leslie Austin from Oklahoma, first time I had met her and she was also staying at Club Yebo. And the others I know, but will have to name them later.
The sargassum was really bad this day (and off and on throughout the week). The beach club was nice and the company was even better!!

And our glorious peeps:

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And more pictures of our wonderful day in Puerto Morales. We went to lunch in town with great atmosphere.

Who is that guy?

We then went to Barry and Phyllis' home and had more great snacks and pool time!! Phyllis outdid herself with the treats!!

Here is a painting by Barry that I bought!! He does some awesome work!!

After a very nice afternoon, we all headed back to Playa. Leslie and I split a taxi ride that was pretty reasonable.
A very good day!!
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On Monday after the PM trip, I was back at the hotel and met up with two awesome people who are also on the board: Roni and Jay. They are from Montana. I've never met anyone from Montana, but by judging from these people, Montana people rock!! We had a LOT of fun during the week. They brought this special concoction from Montana....huckleberry liquor. OMG it is good stuff, creamy and berry-ish. A light lavender color. We drank a whole lot of it that night at Club Yebo. They brought a bottle for Manne, too.

Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo!!
This is the peep meet day at Wah Wah's. It was not a crawl, but just a hang out sort of gathering. Some people left and perhaps did a beach crawl, not sure, but it was a good time, either way.

Lots of familiar faces!!

Jay, Roni, and Dave:

Wendy and Leslie:

Really great band played that day!

As the party was wrapping up, we headed back to Club Yebo with Jay, Roni, Wendy, Dave, and Leslie. We made a liquor pit stop and found these two flavored tequilas: vanilla and pomegranate. Back at our makeshift party table by the pool, we met a crazy crew from San Jose, California: Kristine and Jeff who are married, and their fun Kenny Chesney-look alike friend, Jeremy. That was a lot of fun and the night was just beginning. Haven't had that good of a time in a long time!!

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Had to quickly post the previous post b/c my internet was going down...
Ok, here are some more good times at the CY after-peep party:
Jeff, Christine, Wendy:

From left to right, Wendy, Leslie, Jeremy:

The party then moved to Luna Blue. At the moment, my brain has forgotten all names of almost everyone. For the love of Pete, can't even come up with who is singing, who I listened to every day at Wah Wah!!

Love this picture of Roni and Wendy:

Kristina and I bought the bar a round of tequila (yes, everyone there!):

....but wait!! There's more!! This is the never-ending day of FUN!!
The following pictures are PROOF of why Umma Gumma should NEVER have closed!! The epic proportions of damn fun had this evening may never be equaled!! Lots of hootin, hollerin, and karaokin'!!
Jeff, who is a real-life singer!! Damn, he was good!

Dave was no slouch, either:

Another rock star, Jay:

And our handsome Kenny Chesneyish Jeremy:

Dancin' time!!

Go Roni, go!

Here's to Umma Gumma!! The most fun group in Playa!!

Very sadly, Kristina, Jeff and Jeremy had to leave the next day. There's no telling what kind of adventures could have been had if they had stayed and hung out with us for a few more days!!

And that concludes a most excellent CINCO DE MAYO!!
What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.....

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to.

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