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way into it
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Originally Posted by PlayadelSolDos View Post
Build a strawman and they will come? Who has suggested that everything is perfect here?

Unless one was given a written assurance of immunity from anything negative happening to them upon their moving to Playa, then "it happens everywhere" is a perfectly acceptable line of reasoning to bring up.

The usual complaints newbies have in Playa are related to the fact that they thought they could move to Playa and live exactly liked they lived at home but with nicer weather and a cheaper cost of living. They want everyone to be on time and to speak English. They want to enjoy nature but without the naturally occurring seaweed and beach erosion. They expect paradise when paradise is a state of mind not a place. No matter where you live, you have to take you with you. If you are a miserable sod, the beautiful blues of the Mar Caribe aren't gonna change that.

It is not cheerleading to point these things out or to correct inaccurate or exaggerated postings. Shit does happen everywhere. NO ONE has claimed that Playa is perfect but after living here for 14 years, a lot less shit happens here than in most of the other places I have lived. Of course, as more people (many of the aforementioned looking for geographical cures) move here, that will probably change. The good thing is that the miserable tend to rotate on out.
a miserable sod
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Last poke at this - time to move on ------ Let the chips all...

As already pointed out, several times, no place is perfect. I'm pretty sure everyone gets that. Well, maybe everybody..

What some folks find irritating to the point of being compelled to post to these things are those that attempt to defend the indefensible.

You make yourselves look foolish. Like the drunkard holding up a light pole that says they haven't had enough beer..

Instead of attacking a reputable, comprehensive, coordinated articles written to draw attention to a REAL problem, and to inform the uninformed, perhaps a more open minded strategy is in order.

Something along the lines of "you know, that's a problem here. It hurts tourist impression, and we need to do something about it........."


Defensiveness can be interpreted in different ways by different people. I know how I interpret it. And I can assure you, it doesn't help to solve the underlying problem. Never does.

Carry on.

Btw, what's my post count up to now?
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Originally Posted by Sogno View Post
Instead of attacking a reputable, comprehensive, coordinated articles written to draw attention to a REAL problem, and to inform the uninformed,
I have no problem with anything you've posted, except for the excerpt I've quoted.

Just because I don't believe anything about that particular expose, doesn't make me an ostrich, uninformed or anything else.

That article was such a stretch, that I do have to question his established reputation.

There are lots of problems in Mexico. Bluetooth enabled ATM's, in my opinion, are not a REAL problem, but his objective was met: Sell some "newspapers".

Prove me wrong. Find me such an ATM -- in the locations that I've stipulated.
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Yes, trolling is a career for some folks.

And this???
>> The defensiveness is nearly tangible on this forum <<
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Waterrat I assure you that it was a huge problem. Those listed were not the only ATMs that were found to have the blue tooth devices. By exposing the problem in the article the devices were removed. He saved an unimaginable number of people great headache. They found devices in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. One of the companies had no idea that they had been breached. By reading the article they changed their means of service and checked all of their ATMs nationwide.

That being said this was the only "freestanding" ATMs that have had problems. If you do look at most of the reports of cloning. This original post being one of them. Lot's of issues take place at the "bank" ATMs.

There is a large organized group that is scattered across Mexico who is doing the cloning. Its not simply an isolated incident. I thankMr. Krebs for exposing them.
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This is a great article about ATM skimmers. Take a minute or two to read it

How to spot a card-skimmer in the wild
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Thanks for posting, great info!
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