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Originally Posted by ProfessorPibil View Post
When you say something like "people emigrating" - are we talking millions of refugees as in Syria, or more like tens of thousands from a country of 30 million? And when you say "police killing demonstrators in the streets" are we talking millions or dozens?
When people need to leave the country in order to get breakfast that is a serious problem, no? The fact there are many thousands of people so situated is a catastrophe. Venezuelans now are the top asylum seekers in the US, ahead of citizens of China and Mexico, countries with many times the population of Venezuela. How many people are emigrating from Colombia or Panama or Brasil to Venezuela for their next meal?

Police shooting and killing a hundred civilians during demonstrations against a repressive government is an issue as well, not sure why you are trying to minimize it. Are you trying to compare Venezuela to Syria, if so, you got me. If you are comparing Venezuela to the civilized world, well, not so much.
Venezuela continues to pay its bonds, continues to sell oil, and continued to be a country with some terrible and terribly corrupt people on all levels of government.
They apparently aren't paying their bills to the oil companies responsible for pumping out the oil. These companies have stopped pumping until Mr Maduro pays his bills. Oil production is at the lowest level in almost thirty years, apart from a strike year of 2002, and S&P has rated the countries bonds as "junk".
This would not change if they called themselves Marxists, Neocons, or New Bolivarians.
Except they are Socialists, and apparently damn proud of it.
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People are starving - corrupt government. Very sad to see the human suffering.
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