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Old 08-14-2017   #16 (permalink)
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I just also noticed this on the page description. I translated it via google translate since i cannot copy and paste

The purchase arrives more or neos in 7 days after the payment has been confirmed since all our shipments are international and the packages have to go through a process of customs admission in Mexico.

I'm confused here

Does this mean there would be issues receiving it because it has to go through customs? Or do all packages has to go through customs? The location appears to be Monterroy so it being shipped here should have no problem right? Thus its shipping within Mexico? It says all shipments are international so im confused here.

All mercado libre sellers are shipping their items from south america right? Thus this seller is shipping from mexico to mexico so there isn't any customs issue with certain items not allowed in etc?

This is the product that im trying to order.

This site is very hard to navigate. Can't even find where to contact this seller as it mentions on the payment page that after you pay, you have to send them a copy of the payment etc.
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Old 08-14-2017   #17 (permalink)
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No. Not all items are shipped from South America.
Some items are imported from the states. So...customs and duty apply.
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Babaloo so i have to email the seller to know where the item is shipped from? I had thought it was Monterroy since that was where the seller is from.

Also if its from the states, wouldnt that mean i cannot get the item since this cream is like a prescription?
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Old 08-14-2017   #19 (permalink)
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The seller replied back that its shipped from Texas to anywhere in Mexico. So what does that mean? So that means this product will get into Mexico without issues? Because im pretty certain this cream might be treated as a prescription cream as oppose to cosmetics... But if he sells it there, im assuming he had no issues sending products like this into mexico?
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Old 08-14-2017   #20 (permalink)
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So the seller tells me

Hi, good morning, nice to meet you! You do not need to go to DHL to collect it they will deliver your product to the place you put in your purchase, there is no charge for shipping and there is no problem in the customs clearance !! Greetings and thanks for your visit!

So i guess the product can come into mexico which is great.

However, can someone tell me what am i doing wrong with this payment at Oxxo? The seller seems a bit confused as well and just mentioned there would be no issues but at OXXO... 3 times already today they told me theres an error and i could not send to that 16 digit account number whether it was mercado libre or just the bank account debit card etc.
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Old 08-15-2017   #21 (permalink)
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Babaloo, have you or you know anyone that has paid via OXXO payment with mercadolibre?

The seller tells me

Hi, nice to meet you again !! There is no problem if you want to collect in DHL, about the payment first you must check that it is not a problem with your bank and if not go to the page and there you will be given more instructions to make your payment With greater confidence .. We are at your orders for any doubt or clarification

Hi, good morning, nice to meet you There in the payment market you must give an instruction so that you carry a code to the Oxxo store and no more you deposit the amount that the cashier points you ... The receipt is not necessary to send it, we will send you an email after your Buy so you can know more about the shipment and you can trace when you are in Mexico .. Greetings and thanks for your visit !!

The page that shows the

Paga $ 571.00 en la tienda OXXO más cercana which ahs an OXXO logo above and also mercadolibre towards the top... the website link actually sows

Do you know if mercadopago is the payment that im suppose to send to etc at oxxo? Such as when the person at OXXO ask what is the payment for? I went to mercadopago and there are many options there but do i have to click on a payment method? This is confusing because when i click buy the item which i did yesterday, they gave me instructions to pay at OXXO but now the seller says i need to create a payment plan first. This is very confusing etc.
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