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Monthly CellPhone Plans?

Hey all. I use telcel with my iphone. So every month i have to add at least 50 credits minimum in order to keep my credits etc. The thing is i almost never make any phone calls with my telcel number because i either use whatsapp or landline when calling to someone in Mexico. And thus very few people even make phone calls here since everyone here uses whatsapp. But if you are using whatsapp, you need to have internet such as wifi or data etc.

The thing is i add credits to my telcel plan since i use the data for backup internet from my iphone. Thus when my internet is out, i could use it as backup. I tether the internet so i could use it on my computer etc. I normally have to type in a code to get like 1 day, 7 day or 1 month of data... then it would deduct credits from my telcel.

About the monthly cell phone plans, i heard that you could actually get a monthly cell phone plan where you get unlimited calling and text and a certain amount of data. Is this true? I heard someone mentioned this is possible with a plan like movistar? I went to the website and it showed that you could get unlimited calls and i think text maybe and also data for like 369 peso a month. Does anyone know if anyone can get this and also is it a monthly plan or you have to sign up like a long contract etc? I recalled AbsoluteAl told me he uses ATT and got unlimited calls to mexico, us and canada i believe as well. i dont know if he gets any data with the plan. I did not know there were unlimited monthly phone plans.

So for example, if i need a lot of data on my phone i would have to add close to 400 credits each time if i want 3gb of data. But if you could pay a monthly fee where you get x amount of data with free calling and texting in addition to the data, well that definitely would be nice add on. Can anyone who has a monthly cell phone plan tell me how much they pay per month and what do they get with it? The most important thing would be how much data you get a month and also... if you could tether it on your phone where you use your internet on the computer.

Thanks all.
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