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Hey all got a few questions. A while back i use to go to the laundry place and dropped my laundry off there and then pick it up as that is very easy and convenient. I stopped doing that a while back because i notice i got a rash from this and also know someone who had the same issue with it. Basically after getting back my clothes, i notice i would get a rash on the new clothes and this happened many times. We believe this was due to the detergent they were using. So because of that, i started going to the actual laundromat and doing laundry myself. The one that is near Mega.

I have a mattress protector that got very dirty/stained/yellowed that I tried to whiten. I bought a vanish white powder from walmart and tried to whiten it on a bowl of hot water but that did not work. Im suppose to do that, then bring it to the laundromat and then wash and dry it etc but I didn't bother since it didn't seem to whiten anything at all when i tried in my apartment with a bowl of hot water and vanish. But not only that, the self service laundry place that i go to ... im pretty close to 100 percent those machines do not have hot water as a wash and i read online that is needed to whiten mattress protectors, pillow, bed sheets etc. Am i incorrect here? I'm assuming almost everyone here drops their laundry at their laundry place? And if so, i assume you give them say mattress protector, bed sheets or even pillows to whiten and clean? I have seen people at the self service laundromat wash sheets and big blankets before though. Usually when i go to the laundromat, i basically just put everything in one machine and then use the dry machine later on. I only have a few white t shirts and thats all so i use just detergent only and mix it in one load.

I would like to know, do those laundry places who do your laundry whiten items like mattress protectors, bed sheets, or even like white t shirts etc? Or even a pillow? The thing is the stain is really huge, its like covering a big portion of the entire mattress protector and im not sure you could get it off as I tried doing this earlier but I'm most likely doing it wrong. And the other thing is would i need to bring them the product to use? The reason i ask this is because i don't want them to use bleach and want to use a bleach free product. But would they have those items or would i need to bring them it along with my mattress protector? For example if i were to bring my laundry to those places now for them to do my laundry, i would give them the detergent that i use instead of the one they use.
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On a related topic, where can you buy a mattress protector? I checked walmart and they do not have it here. But i rather have this whitened and cleaned. Also another thing im curious about. But if someone brings only a few items to a laundromat whether its just a mattress protector or say just a few t shirts and underwear, do they mix in your clothes with someone else's if say you only have a few items? I assume they do not do this in washing? I read online however that they do this with drying clothes if you only have a few items? For example, imagine you are just bringing a few t shirts and a few underwear, I assume they would dry your clothes with someone else's clothes? I don't think this ever happened to me because when i use to drop my laundry at a laundry place, i would have a decent amount of laundry where its enough to fit in one of those washing machines at the self storage laundry place.

I also have khaki shorts that got a tear on it. Its probably like 2 inches horizontally. Does anyone know of a seamstress that could sew it back? I cannot get these type of khaki shorts here.

And before anyone ask how do i deal with these issues back in the US... well i never had mattress protectors getting stained/yellowed. I also never had a pillow go yellow/stained. So its definitely the hot/warm weather here. And if white t shirts get yellow or some other clothing breaks apart, well i would just buy new clothes but similar or the exact ones. But here... i cannot get these specific brand t shirts and shorts. Thanks all.
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I'm guessing your stain could be from sunscreen. That's what I am going with, anyway. Did you try baking soda (dry on a dry fabric, not a paste) to absorb some of the oil, then laundry detergent directly on the stain, then rinse in hot water?
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always missin' pdc
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Your discontent could be due to several factors.

As MN pointed out, sunscreen.
As you pointed out, climate.
As I point out, changes in fabric options are crazy. It took a lot of effort just to find breathable sheets here in the US. The sleep fabric market has conveniently created its own language.

If you have sensitive needs (fabric and skin) you may have to find your own (long) way.
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Old 10-17-2017   #5 (permalink)
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Hi there. I actually don't put sunscreen on much at all. And if i do, well i wash it off. Its definitely sweat. The thing is the same thing happens to my pillows. So i go and get a new one.

I got some vanish oxi action crystal white at walmart. Basically filled the whole bowl with hot water and then put some vanish oxi action on it. I read thats actually one of the best things to use to whiten. Then i put the mattress protector in the bowl for a long time. But the stain/discoloration is still there. The stain/discoloration is pretty huge on the mattress protector. it covers the huge portion of it.

Well my issue is the mattress protector. Do most of you use a mattress protector or do not use one? The reason why i have one is because in my apartment, it came with one and its because its to protect the bed. I'm not using one right now because of it. I want to get it whitened and cleaned but im pretty positive the laundromat the self service ones don't have hot/warm water as an option when you do the washing. The options are white, color or delicate i believe since i go there to do laundry and certain its cold water. Does anyone here do their own laundry at the laundromat? So how would you whiten something like a mattress protector at a laundromat if thats the case.
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Mattress protectors are at Chedraui $249 pesos......after washing and soaking your yellow one, hang it to dry in the sun...our neighbors are from here and their whites are really white when I see them hanging in the clothesline..hope this helps
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So what if your mattress protector is yellow as long as it's clean.
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The biggest threat to our nice, white linens? Henna tattoos...
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always missin' pdc
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Hey Pauley, I don't live there, but in my experience if oxi isn't working on a long soak, a laundry service won't help even if it has hot water.

A stain isn't necessarily "dirty", all biological grossness could be completely gone. The stain is the fabric's reaction to what was there, not what is there.

It's great that you take the time to try to solve the problem instead of placing your problematic product in the trash and buying a replacement that may have the same issues.
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