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Live from Akumal and Isla Mujeres

Hola, Amigos! This report will be a little different than past reports as I am going to write it live from Mexico and add to it as we go. Please bear with me because photos and videos will be inserted later, after we get home, as I don't have the set-up to do that here.

Day 1 - travel day

Flew from PHL to CUN on Frontier. Flight was fine and just a couple of comments about Frontier. It's a budget airline and NOTHING is included so be prepared to fork over some dough if you want a soda or anything. Also, the seats are different than other airlines. They are thinner and firmer and more cramped. I think they use the thinner profile seats so they can cram more bodies on the plane. And of course...our luck...we had small children in front of us and behind us. The kids in front of us didn't shut up the entire trip and the kid behind us sounded like he was hacking up a lung. But who cares? We are on our way to Mexico, our favorite vacation destination!

We sailed through immigration and customs and then we were off to get our rental car. We booked with Caribbean (tried to book with Avant but they never got back to me). It was a little tricky because Caribbean does not have an office AT the airport. They send a driver to pick you up and you have to track them down in the chaos outside the terminal. Complicating matters further, they also go by the name American. Not sure what that is all about. Anyway, it didn't take us long to find our guy and within a few minutes we left for the rental car office.

At the office we confirmed our reservation (which I had made prior to the trip on Caribbean's website) and I could tell there was some kind of concern as our rep was talking with the guy who fetches the car. Reading between the lines, I think they were out of the type of car we reserved (automatic economy). He told me we were in luck because he was going to give me a "much, much nicer car". I was expecting the worst, like a huge cargo van or some other gigantic gas guzzler, but he was actually telling me the truth. We got a late model Audi! No complaints here.

My only complaint about the car rental experience (so far) is that once we were done with that rep, we were sent to another rep who (supposedly) would go over the remaining details, like map, drop-off process, etc. Well, this was true, but his MAIN objective was to promote and sell tickets to Cirque du Soleil. We told him we already saw the show (which was partially true since we've seen 3 Cirque shows before, although not this specific one) and that stopped him in his tracks.

Then we went out and went over the car with a fine tooth comb, photographing every ding and defect. The rep assisting us was nice enough but actually asked us for a tip, which we thought was a bit much.

Finally on the way to Akumal! On the way down, we swung into Playa to stop at the Mega and we loaded up on snacks and beverages. Then it was back on the road to Akumal.

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Day 1 (continued)

Day 1 (continued)

We have never stayed in Akumal before, although we visited once on a day trip. It's always exciting to try a new place, although it can be a little unnerving too. We are used to going to Playa which became like a second home to us and it was always comforting to return and already know our way around. But alas, on our last visit to Playa, we decided the overdevelopment had finally become too much for us and it was time to find our next home away from home.

I found a beautiful condo on VRBO in a complex called La Sirena. This complex is on Half Moon Bay, all the way on the north end, near Yal-Ku lagoon.

The particular unit we are renting is ground level and beachfront and has tons of windows and spectacular views. It's a 2 bedroom condo with 2 bathrooms and is really pretty and well-stocked. The complex is pretty too and has a large, gorgeous pool in the center. We LOVE this condo. And get this....comfortable beds! I think they have memory foam toppers on them. They are divine...the first comfortable beds we ever slept in in Mexico (memory foam pillows too.....heaven!)

On the downside (nothing is perfect in life)...the pool is unheated and freezing cold. I am not one who is wimpy about chilly pools but this is even too cold for me. So basically, the pool is unusable for us. My only other complaint is there is no washer and dryer on site so if we want to do any laundry, we have to go to a laundromat.

The entry to the bay here is very rocky for quite a way out into the water.

Okay, that's enough complaining for one day.

Once at the condo, we were both super tired so we relaxed for awhile.

For dinner, we walked down the road to La Buena Vida. The atmosphere was super cool. We LOVE the palapa roof, tiki torch kind of places, especially when they are waterfront. We shared an order of guacamole and we both ordered the fish tacos. The food was okay but definitely far from the best guac or fish tacos we've ever had...a little dry and bland, honestly. However, the tres leche cake was the bomb and the best we have ever had and the fantastic atmosphere made up for the somewhat lackluster food.

There was a super good Mariachi band playing (4 piece) and one of the members was female, which we have never seen before. They played a few songs for everyone and then came over to ask if we would like them to play for us and we said yes. They played Besame Mucho and it was lovely. So awesome to be in such a beautiful environment with a soft breeze blowing, the thump of the bass guitar resonating through us and the joy of being with my best friend in the world, who also happens to be my hubby.

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Day 2 - Akumal

We hopped in our car and headed to Turtle Bay Cafe for breakfast, which is at the other end of the bay, near the arch. The food was fantastic! Very rustic and fresh. Hubby had the chilaquiles, chaya juice and coffee and I ordered the breakfast sandwich with added avocado. I also had a glass of watermelon juice. What a delicious breakfast. We decided for the rest of our stay in Akumal to make breakfast at the condo so we can have more leisurely mornings, so we stopped at the supermarket across the street from Turtle Bay and picked up some eggs, bread and butter.

Then it was back to the condo where we hung out all day on the beach. We both went into the water and it was wonderful...The perfect temperature and nice and calm. The rocks were annoying but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Once we waded out a decent distance from the shore, there were plenty of sandy areas where we could float around rock-free.

It's so incredibly peaceful and relaxing here. No hordes of people, no thumping beach clubs blasting horrible techno "music". Just the sounds of birds and the water. This is exactly what the doctor ordered. The rocky shoreline in front of our condo complex provides a benefit for maintaining peace and quiet. The beach right here is not at all walkable due to the rocks so there are no people walking by. I know for some people this would be a negative but we don't care about people watching so for us, serenity and the beauty of nature are everything we need.

Later in the day we decided to head to the pool to try it one more time but nope...Just too darned cold. Oh, there is one more complaint to make. The pool is surrounded by regular chairs, not loungers so if you want to relax at the pool you have to sit upright, which is rather lame. There are 2 loungers but they are way off on this far side of the area away from the main pool.

We hung out there for awhile and one of the owners came over and hung out and chatted with us. He told us to be extra careful about locking our unit up securely because there have been very recent break-ins at the complex, including at his unit where the burglars did all kinds of destruction breaking in and then trying to destroy his safe! In another unit, a burglar broke in in mid day while the couple was HOME and outside barbecuing! The woman came upon him in her unit hiding in the closet. I would have had a heart attack and would have had to been taken away in an ambulance.

Needless to say we feel a bit uneasy here now and are being extra diligent about locking everything up at all times.

For dinner we went to La Lunita down the road. This is another waterfront place with a nice atmosphere. Not quite as cool as the atmosphere at La Buena Vida, but still nice.

The food here was fantastic! We shared an order of coconut shrimp and it was wonderful. It came with a side of what seemed to be some kind of mashed sweet potatoes as well as sauteed veggies that had an Asian flavoring. It also came with a sweet dipping sauce. It was some of the best coconut shrimp we've ever had. For our entrees, hubby ordered a grilled salmon dish and I had the chili relleno, both of which were outstanding. The highlight, however, was dessert. It was called "fudge du chocolate" . It wasn't clear what it was, and the waiter's explanation was vague so I took a chance and was not disappointed. Basically, it was a brownie-sized slab of dark chocolate fudge that was cold, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and garnished with chocolate sauce. It was out of this world!

After dinner we headed home and went to bed. Hubby was extra tired. More fun to come...

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Day 3 - Akumal

I made breakfast for us today. I used the leftover chili relleno as a filling for omelets

We relaxed on the beach in front of our condo for a good part of the day and swam a lot. I love to float around on the wacky noodle.

We are amazed at how few people there are here. Rarely do we see anyone out on the loungers at our condo or even along the bay in general. I would say at any given time, there are 3-5 people max in or around the bay.

There is one exception. There's a big house next to our complex that our neighbor calls "the party house" and there is a very loud, drunk, annoying group of what sounds like 15 frat boys staying there. All day long they are hooting and hollering full blast, yelling profanities, etc. with no consideration for how loud they are or who they may be disturbing. Our neighbor said that house is an ongoing problem and they've had to call the police many times.

But other than the obnoxious frat boys, it's serene, peaceful, quiet and beautiful here on the bay.

In the afternoon, when I was floating on the noodle, I noticed that the current wanted to take me south across the bay, so I suggested to hubby that we go on a noodle adventure. It took some convincing but I got him to agree to float across the bay to La Buena Vida for some drinks. I took my new GoPro-like action camera to take some videos.

We went about half way across the bay without much effort and then decided to go ashore and walk the rest of the way.

There's a big downside to staying here and that is that the beach is not good for walking. It's short, steeply pitched and very rocky at the water line.

Once at LBV, we were seated at a table right by the water...beautiful view! I ordered a drink called Pink Panther which was a creamy pink drink that was awesome and surprisingly not overly sweet. Hubby had a kamikaze and a Manhattan. We also ordered some mixed ceviche and vegetarian nachos. The food was pretty good. My assessment of LBV after our second visit is that it's a good place for drinks and casual food..snacks, etc. and the awesome atmosphere. It's not going to knock a foodie's socks off.

We walked all the way across the bay back to our condo and hung out and relaxed the rest of the day. A rain shower blew in late afternoon and at one point it was fully sunny and pouring rain at the same time.

We decided to drive into town in the evening to walk around and explore. One irritation is that there's really no parking in town unless you use a pay lot. Not that expensive (the only one we found that was open at night was $20 MXN per hour) but still annoying. We walked around the town and quickly discovered there really isn't much to see. About 3 small blocks with very few businesses occupying them. I think our walk took all of 5 minutes. We stopped at Lol-Ha for a drink and then decided to find a place to have dinner. We felt like taking a break from Mexican food so we went to Taverna, an Italian restaurant. It has a cute atmosphere...upper level, thatched roof and overlooks a pretty courtyard with colorful twinkle lights.

The food was delicious! We both ordered caprese salads. I had a ravioli dish that was out of this world. Hubby wasn't too hungry so he just had the salad and then decided to order some foccaccia, which we shared, and it was scrumptious. I asked the server for some cheese to sprinkle on it, and he excitedly made a dipping sauce with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and cheese. It was awesome.

The highlight for me was dessert. I ordered the chocolate mousse and it was one of the best things I have ever eaten, no lie! I would go back there just for the mousse alone.

We also had a couple drinks. This restaurant was more expensive than usual. I think our bill (with a generous tip because we loved our waiter) came to the equivalent of around $83 USD. My only other complaint is that portion size of the salads and entree were small.

After that we headed back to the condo and turned in early. We were extra sleepy from all of the swimming, drinks and delicious food.

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I am enjoying your trip report. Thanks for posting!
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Great start.
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Thanks for the great report! Looking forward to more.
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Day 4 - Akumal

Today our plan was to spend the day in the beach in Tulum. I checked the weather forecast and it looked decent early in the day but stormy in the afternoon, so we made an early start and left the condo around 8:30.

It was an easy drive to Tulum. Actually, it's been easy driving this whole trip. The last time we rented a car on one of our trips to this area was several years ago and we both are impressed with how much nicer 307 is to drive now. We recall years ago there being lots of topes on 307 that would come out of nowhere and almost break your axel but now it's smooth sailing and nicely paved. We also noticed 307 looks more attractive now overall. I guess they are making it more tourist friendly.

It took about 20 - 30 minutes to get to Tulum. We've stayed in Tulum twice in the past so we are familiar with the route. We were surprised how much development has taken place since our last visit. It still retains its eco charm, but there are more businesses that have sprung up and we were also surprised that the beach road is nicely paved now. We noticed the demographic is much more young and hip. Or maybe it's just that we're less young and hip now ; Anyway, the town is still really charming. Too bad it's out of our budget. The last time I checked, rooms in those eco huts on the beach were in the $400/night and up range!!!!

I just hope Tulum isn't on the path to becoming the next Playa. We are seeing troubling with noisy power tools working feverishly in many places.

We decided to visit Ziggy's beach club, since it gets great reviews. We brought our own beach chairs and umbrella in case the beach clubs were blaring music but Ziggy's was quiet. However they had a $20USD minimum requirement per person to use their beach chairs, and they had no umbrellas. I cannot sit in the sun, so we decided to use our own chairs. We sat out front of Ziggy's. We did end up spending a good deal of money there.

Even though we have been to Tulum before, we are still shocked at how drop dead gorgeous the beach is there. It is utterly STUNNING and probably the most beautiful beach we've ever visited. It just takes our breath away. We sat on the beach and just marvelled at the array of beautiful hues of blue and turquoise. I love the contrast of those colors against the creamy sand and the golden green color of the palm trees. This is what my idea of heaven is.

The weather held out pretty well for the few hours we were there. At times the sky seemed to be darkening, but it would last only a few minutes and then it would be blazing sun again.

The water was a little too rough for our taste but we did go in up to our knees.

We had food and drinks at Ziggy's. The food was super good, but expensive. We had battered fish tacos (outstanding) and a couple orders of coconut shrimp which were absolutely divine. The service was friendly but a bit inept. Hubby asked the bartender for a rum runner and he had no idea what that was. I ordered a pina colada and what I got appeared to be unsweetened coconut milk blended with rum and ice. There wasn't a trace of sweetness in this drink. I don't even think there was pineapple juice in it. So hubby took it back and asked them to add pineapple juice to it, which made it a little better. There was also confusion over our tab. They had trouble locating it when it was time to pay. I think we spent the equivalent of about $100USD at Ziggy's for some food a few drinks. But overall, it was a nice experience and atmosphere and we can see why the place is so popular.

Around 1:30 the sky really started to darken so we packed up to head back to Akumal. It started raining pretty heavily when we were almost there and continued to rain the rest of the day into the early evening.

We were both super sleepy when we got back so we took a nice long nap.

For dinner, we decided to try a restaurant right around the corner from us called Que Onda. It's right near the entrance to Yal-ku. It's an Italian restaurant and they specialize in homemade pasta. We both ordered fried mozzarella as an appetizer and it was super yummy. For our entrees, hubby ordered linguine with tomato sauce and I ordered linguine with pesto. Both were very good, although mine needed quite a bit of salt to make it just right. The bread they served wasn't anything special and appeared to be cheapie stuff from the grocery store. For dessert I ordered the chocolate mousse and hoped for something approximating what I got the night before at Taverna but sadly, it was a real disappointment. The first disappointing dessert of the vacation. It wasn't really chocolate mousse. It was a slab of frozen cake that had some frozen mousse in the center. And it wasn't good cake. It was bland and nothing special. Wah wahhhhh.

First World Problems.

Back to the condo. I have to say it's a little unnerving walking the streets around here. It's very dark, deadly quiet and they are not well lit. It's a bit creepy and honestly, a little frightening to me knowing about the recent break-ins.

Now that we've been here a few days, we both agree that while it's a beautiful place and we are glad we visited, we probably wouldn't come back here for a stay. I think the main issue for us is the rockiness of the beach. We prefer a beach where we can just walk in not have to watch every step. Another issue concerning the beach is that it's really not walkable. We love to take long beach walks and you can't really do that here very easily with all of the rocks and the steep pitch of the beach. But aside from the beach issues, Akumal is just too sleepy for us. The town is too small and there's not enough to do, especially at night. We like a small town where we can stroll around and entertain ourselves for a couple hours in the evening and we like to have a good array of dining choices. While the restaurants are good here, there aren't that many of them.

One more full day here and then we head to Isla Mujeres, which is better suited to us. We stayed there for a few days last year and really liked it, so we're looking forward to that.

I am writing this the next morning and it's storming again and the power just went out. I hope this rain lets up soon!

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Thanks for a great reminder of what we all love to dream about.
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Thanks for the comments and glad you are enjoying it. More to come soon...
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Great report ! Cant wait to hear the rest
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Day 5 - Akumal

Today was a pretty uneventful day as the weather sucked all day. No joke...It was either raining, or storming or just dreary ALL DAY. The sun came out for a total of 10 seconds. At one point when it stopped raining, I went into the water, but it just wasn't much fun in the dreary weather. I think I lasted about 5 minutes.

The morning power outage lasted about a half hour, thankfully.

We did a lot of nothing all day. Just hung around the condo and watched the rain.

By dinner time the rain let up, although it still looked like it would pour any minute. We drove down to the town and parked in the pay lot and had dinner at Cueva del Pescator. We both got the fish filet (grouper) in butter and garlic and it was so moist and delicious. There wasn't much to this meal, just the fish and some slaw to go with it. Maybe a little too simple for my foodie tastes, but the fish was very tasty.

They did serve a nice big bowl of tortillas and really good salsa with the dinner. Service was friendly and prices were cheap!

After that, we walked over to Taverna for dessert so we could get that divine chocolate mousse. OMG....There are no words to describe this other than heaven in a bowl!!! Hubby had drinks. The people that work at Taverna are sooo sweet and friendly and the place just had a nice vibe.

That's it for today. Not a lot to write about. Tomorrow we're off to Isla Mujeres so stay tuned!
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Day 6 - Akumal to Isla Mujeres

The dreary weather continues, I am sorry to say. Woke up to heavily overcast, gray skies and it stayed that way all day.

We packed up and were out of the condo by 10:30. The drive to Cancun Centro where we were going to return the car was uneventful but took longer than we anticipated. I mentioned earlier that driving on 307 is so much nicer now, which is true, but one thing that is maddening is the ever-changing speed limits. No joke - the speed limit changes every half mile or so....80 then 60 then 100 then 40. We try to stay at the speed limit because the last thing we need is to be pulled over and have to deal with that situation.

It was utterly maddening trying to find the Caribbean (American) car rental office in Cancun Centro. We had been given a map at the rental office where we picked up the car (near the airport) and the rep had gone over with us the route, however, following the map did not result in us finding the place. We were getting really stressed out because we were already about 20 minutes late returning the car, and now we are driving around Cancun Centro, which is not the most relaxing place to drive, trying to watch the road while looking around feverishly to find the office. Eventually we gave up and stopped at a local business (a car rental place) to ask for help. They were super nice. They didn't know where it was, but got on the phone and called the office and got clarification (in Spanish) and were able to direct us there. We were close...about 1/2 mile away.

The stress continued, however, because once we found the office, we discovered there was no obvious place to pull in so we had to park in a side street while I went into the office. There was only one rep working the counter and a couple customers ahead of me so I had to wait about 20 minutes to be waited on.

He explained where to take the car and even that was confusing. It was behind the building, through this narrow alleyway into into a bumpy dirt lot. Getting there was difficult because the little road to enter the area was blocked off and we had to drive around safety cones. It was pure insanity.

The rep looked over the car quickly and didn't ding is for anything and FINALLY we were done with the rental car process. For a tip, the rep who inspected the car drove us to Puerto Jaurez, the ferry pier.

Hubby and I agreed that for future rental car. It's too much worry and aggravation. Even if we didn't have all the hassle returning the car, we worry too much when we have a rental car..worrying about damages, worrying about it being stolen, worrying about being pulled over. From now on, we'll just use taxis, buses and collectivos.

We had a nice ferry ride to Isla and surprisingly, the same musician who played in our ferry ride last year was playing again and even the same music.

Once in Isla, we headed toward Nautibeach, where we were staying. We were both hungry so we stopped at Lola Valentina and it was awesome. I ordered the fish tacos and hubby got the tostones and we shared an order of sweet potato fries. Everything was delicious. I had a yummy pina colada and hubby had a couple beers and the stress began to dissipate. I should mention that our server was so nice and he seems to always be there, so I wonder if he is the owner...tall guy who is always happy and smiling. We were also happy to be visited by a couple gatos, which made us a little homesick.

Finally arrived at Nautibeach around 3 pm and got checked into our condo. An orange cat greeted and darted into the condo which provided instant entertainment.

We are staying in a nicely updated first floor unit facing the pool. It's very nice. Everything is clean and updated and the furniture is comfortable (even the bed!). We can tell this is an investment property and not someone's home because it's sparse as far as decor and implements. But we're happy with it and I think we like this complex more than Ixchel next door, where we stayed last year. It's an aesthetic preference. It feels more tropical, homey and Mexican here whereas Ixchel is more sleek and modern. Both are nice, though. I was happy to discover that the pool is not freezing cold here. I don't think it's heated. It's chilly, but swimmable.

Once unpacked, we headed to the pool to hang out and relax. We also dipped our feet in the ocean, which was a comfortable temperature.

The weather was too dreary to make us want to swim, so we just chilled.

Once it got dark, we headed out for dinner. We ended up at Rolandi's on Hidalgo and had a nice dinner. Hubby ordered the angel hair with pomodoro sauce and I got the fettuccini alfredo. Both were divine. I could even taste a hint of nutmeg in my alfredo sauce which shows they know what they are doing. Service was attentive and the servers were bustling.

For dessert, hubby got the tiramisu which he said was equal to the best he's had anywhere. My dessert, the "Pastel Rolandi" was disappointing. It was essentially an ice cream cake with some added fruit and nuts but the ice cream was the quality of a grocery store brand, the cake was frozen solid and covered in (apparently) Hershey's syrup. It looked pretty but taste-wise was a let down. I gave half of it to hubby and saved some room for the Marqueseta maker down the street (hope I spelled that right).

We walked all of Hidalgo and we made a stop at the grocery store at the end of the block to get some snacks and drinks to have at the condo. On the way back, we stopped at a marqueseta cart and had one made with Nutella and banana. For those who do not know what this is, it's basically a big, super thin waffle that is made in front of you with a big waffle press over a flame. Then he spreads it with whatever toppings you want, rolls it up into a tall cylinder and hands it to you with the bottom wrapped in a napkin. They are crunchy, like a sugar cone, but lighter and crispier. Yummy!

We were both super wrung out at this point, so we headed back to the condo and crashed early.

I hope this dreary weather is gone soon!

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I have never had a marqueseta. It sounds amazing!
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Day 7 - Isla Mujeres

Woke up to cloudy skies AGAIN. This is getting old. Determined to not let it spoil our vacation but it's hard not to be bummed.

Our orange gato came to visit this morning. We don't know what his name is but we call him El Chapo because it makes us laugh. We've determined 2 things about El Chapo. He's young (we'd guess less than one year) and he's not feral. He runs into our condo like he owns the place and lets us pick him up and snuggle him (he purrs). He gives me gentle love bites when he's had enough. He looked hungry so I gave him some cheese. He ate a little but seemed like he wanted something else so I decided to pick up some cat food later. We love him.

We went to Lola Valentina and had an amazing breakfast. We both got dessert-like breakfasts...The kind we always avoid eating at home because too much sugar, not enough protein, not healthy enough. I got the Tree Leches Coconut French Toast and hubby got a concoction called Dark and Stormy French toast. His was stuffed with a cream cheese filling (protein!) and had some fresh fruit in the side so I guess it really WAS health food ☺ He also got a Green Tropical Smoothie which was also delish.

The food was AMAZING! And our server could not be nicer. He was as friendly as the last server we had, the day we had lunch there. I can't understand why Rooster across the street gets more breakfast business
than Lola because we've eaten at both and Lola is at least as good, if not better, and service is the friendliest we have ever experienced.

The weather was overcast for a good part of the day with an occasional downpour and peeks of sun here and there. We hung out in the condo when it was dreary and read. When it looked like the sun was coming out and the skies were clearing up, we raced to the beach and got set up with chairs and an umbrella. That didn't last long, because within an hour, the skies darkened and a storm blew in. It was like this all day.

We had drinks and snacks at the Mayan Beach Club bar, which is Nautibeach's on-site restaurant. We got guacamole and pico di gallo. The food was good. Hubby got a couple beers and I got a Coco Loco, which is a watery coconut water drink served in a real coconut (non-alcoholic). It was good.

Toward the end of our meal, the skies started to clear so we decided to take a walk down the beach. We walked all the way to the end and went into the shallow water there and took some photos. Then we walked back and went in the deeper water. It was a little too chilly for hubby so he didn't last long but it was fine for me. I got some funny pictures of us when we first got in making funny faces because of the chilly water.

We went back and hung around the pool for awhile. I went in and found it wasn't as chilly as it seemed earlier now that I was already wet from the ocean. Too chilly for hubby so he sat out.

We sat around the pool for an hour or two and then the skies darkened again so we headed inside.

For dinner, we went to Angelo's. As we were walking there, the skies opened and it rained cats and dogs. We dashed under an awning to wait it out. The worst of it was over in about 10 minutes. We continued on to Angelo's where we had the most amazing meal, one of the best of the trip so far.

I wanted pizza so I ordered the 4 Formaggio pie. To say it was out of this world would be an understatement. It was utterly delectable and some of the best pizza I have ever eaten (and I am a big pizza eater). Hubs got the grilled fish filet entree (grouper) and he RAVED about it. It was served with really nice veggies and the whole thing was obviously marinated in Mediterranean marinade and grilled on the fire. I tasted a little and it really was amazing.

For dessert, we decided to walk to the end of the drag to get gelato. It too was amazing and the perfect ending for that meal.

What an ordeal to get there, though. Hidalgo was flooded from the rain and in spots it got as deep as almost mid-calf. We just trudged through it and laughed along with some others who were doing the same thing. Come hell or high water....we were getting gelato!

We took an alternate route back where there was less flooding and made sure to wash our legs and feet off before going to bed.

PLEASE let tomorrow be a sunny day!

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