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toe in water
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The heck with the Sopranos, let them sign off !!!... I'm gonna follow michaelholmes' Adventures in Travel from now's funny, intriguing, and you get a new episode every night instead of just once a
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toe in water
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More please.....

You tease.....but hey...guess where I will be tomorrow night? Sitting right here anticipating an addition to this story...maybe I'll pop some corn.....

Keep it coming....
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Michael, you are such a tease.
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lost on fifth
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Michael, Your story is a success. You managed to entice this regular lurker to post. Now how can we convince you to finish your story?
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The plot thickens!!!!
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Michael....STOP the torture....This is supposed to be a trip report not a Docudrama....
please give us more.....we aint in Playa....AND WHAT ABOUT THE JOB???
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way into it
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I’m totally hooked up with The New Adventures of Michael Desperado Holmes.
Go on Kemosabe…..
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Ok, I just had to go back and look, as it seems as though it has been days and days since my last fix. Nope, just yesterday! Come on Michael!!
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Okay Mike;

Ya' got me! I was determined not to give in and admit how totally you've got me hooked...along with everybody else, apparently. This tactic of "trip reportus interruptus" just isn't fair. C'mon, buddy...GET ON WITH IT!!! AS Sol suggested, the first few breaks were as helpful as the intermission at the drive inn movie for replenishing the barley pop, dill pickles, and popcorn, but enough is enough already. You planning on releasing the rest of your stirring adventures on a "pay per view" basis, or what? I always thought we got along pretty well, Mike, but I gotta' say this is putting a strain on that cordial relationship.
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A sign from the gods.

The D70 can be purchased with a lens as part of a kit. I chose the 18-70mm AF-S DX f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED Nikkor Lens from Ritz Camera. Normally you will save an additional $100 when you purchase this lens along with the camera.

We headed down 186 away from Campeche and towards Chetumal. As we drove over a crest of a hill looked down into a valley we could see a beautiful lake full of lilies set in a valley next to a the town of Centenario.

We decided to stop and get a better look and a few pictures. I was still learning how to use the Camera at this point. In fact I was struggling to regain control of the creative process after using a point and shoot for the last 15 years or so. We walked from the highway to the lake after checking with some of the locals first as the trail to the lake was through their back yards.

The lake at Centenario.

From Centenario we continued down 186 towards Balamku. Rose has only a vague interest in ancient Mayan ruins. I think she has even told me that these buildings were really inhabited by dwarfs (well perhaps not, but this is covered in Michel's, lost world book).

As a gift to me, Rose chose Balamku as our next stop. This is a small site with a few nicely restored structures and a very neat (but hard to photograph) collection of stucco relief’s. These are all sheltered in a very functional and not esthetically pleasing structure that has been added onto the side of the pyramid. For some reason, galvanized steel looks a little out of place. Wood and palapa would have have been nicer.

If you visit this site don’t forget to seek out the entrance to this room. An attendant should show up to unlock the door. The stucco Jaguar relief is what gives the site its name.

We explored the site, which is set in a nice wooded area teaming with bird life. If you look carefully up into the trees in addition to the birds you may get to see some very nice bromeliads. And while this is not Coba, as it a very small site, it is a nice mini-Coba. And a worthwhile stop if you are driving by on 186.

What's a bromeliad?

Rose asked me where the ancient Mayan people lived as there where no rooms in the pyramids. I explained that the town that would have been adjacent this site and the people would have lived in wooden buildings that have not been preserved. And that the site was constructed purely for ceremonial purposes.

I went on to explain with some knowledge of astronomy and architecture it was possible to control the entire community. It was only in the 60s with the space program that our ability to predict the path and the alignment of the planets and stars surpassed that of the Mayans.

The net result of all of this, was that in ancient times you could rule over the village and avoid having to go out into the fields to plant your own corn. You could live the good life, from the offerings brought to you by the villagers. All you needed to was the knowledge of astronomy that enabled you to predict eclipses, the alignment of stars and planets etc etc. In those times, most people thought these where random events. As a result the priests could claim they had control of the planets, sun and stars. Obviously you would not want to cross these dudes if you wanted your crops to grow, so you could feed your family.

Perhaps the ghosts of those Mayan priests had been listening to my amateur history lesson. I looked up at the Sun and then yelled. “ROSE! LOOK UP NOW! THIS IS AMAZING!”

We were given a sign, a sign from the gods perhaps. But this was like nothing we had ever seen in our lives…………….

….…to be continued next week.

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Next week???

Anyone in favor of duct taping Mike to his computer till we get the whole (too great for his own good) story?

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Mike.................................????????? do they have paoti (?) growing down there..
NEXT WEEK....I wont make it...
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I can just see Mike sitting at his computer, giggling and snickering at us as we hang on to his every typed word.... I hope you are enjoying this thoroughly, Mike.

Seriously, Mike...."Next week" will NOT do. Just give us a lil' fix for the weekend.....
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And does the next installment end with a gun shot... and no revelation of who shot who????

I agree with Tex - you're enjoying this way too much! Just don't stop.
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