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lost on fifth
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Inquiries Before Departure

Hello, first-timer of PlayaInfo and of PDC from Canada, I have just a few questions before that fateful flight. We'll be staying at the Allegro Playacar.
Legal Drinking Age? Resorts strict on this? Bars strict on it(would they let a 16 yr old in and drink)?
Airport Transfers? I'm only interested in pricing of some return transfers.
The teenager would also like to know if there will be others his age around?
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lost on fifth
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Drinking age is will alway try to push the limit and someone is likely to give in to them. I have several friends with teenagers under 18 who have found ways to get served at several AI's, Mexico and the Dominican, and it is usually the parent who sets the tone for whether they abuse the situation. As a high school teacher...I won't preach...much...but don't be afraid to telll your kids what your expectations are and what the consequences will be...but remember you have to follow through on the consequences...

Sorry I just jumped off my soap box, school starts Monday and only 27 weeks till PDC, 26 working and 1 xmas-break.
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top babe
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For airport transfers, go to Trip Planning on this site and you'll find a transfer booking form. Good and reliable.
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Children under 18 are supposed to get a different color wristband and not be served alcohol. - mostly.
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Our kids were given adult bands the last time we did AI about 4 years ago...they DRANK...when we left them at the resort....we would leave them there and go to Playa during the day....the only night they abused it was the 1st night when we were there with them...they were pretty much done with the drinking thing after that....they found out what a hangover was and didnt like it....(just the older kids) this time we took them and didnt stay at an AI but stayed in a condo and My 15 year old son was buying beer at Tutix....Carlos and Charlies and Senior Frogs....We were not with them and we didnt make a big deal about it becuase he never abused the situation and he was with his 18 year old sister......We did have the talk about the drinking before we cut them loose....I do feel that you should set some boundaries and inspect what you expect....
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