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RE: "hip," I was just referring to what Char wrote about being "unhip." And you're right, I don't know what kinds of things bloggers have been able to accomplish in terms of creating a paying market for their writing. Do you know anyone who's been able to turn their blog into a money-making enterprise in which they are getting paid for their actual writing? As I said, there's lots I don't know but, to me, being "discovered" through a blog seems about as likely as being discovered as an actor simply by moving to LA. Yeah, it could happen, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

Now, regarding the second sentence you quoted... I've written some pieces in the past that I should have submitted somewhere and I didn't do it. And, though I consider myself to be a writer, I haven't forced myself to write anything in years. I was saying I'd need to make MYSELF be serious about what I would consider to be "real" writing before I put my writing effort toward a personal (your word) blog. Sheesh... I beat myself up from time to time by the fact that I'm putting what writing effort I manage these days mainly toward Playa.Info!
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