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msdesigner 12-15-2013 01:47 PM

Coming back
Hi there,

I lurked on this forum 3 years ago before my solo trip to PdC. Thanks to all for the great info, I gathered enough to feel very comfortable going off the AI resort and venturing to Coba and Tulumn on the collectivo. Thanks!

I am coming back in January/February for a week in PdC and then busing it to Belize for anther week.... or at least that it what I am thinking of at this point.

I will be booking a hotel/hostel room in the town so I sure there will be lots of recommendations here to sift through.. I hope!


Michele 12-15-2013 06:24 PM

My friend Laurie stayed at Sahara Hotel when she was here for Taste of Playa. I think she paid like 30 usd for her room and it was great! The hotel is located on the corner of calle 8 and Av. 15 so super close to the beach, bus stations etc. Can't beat the price and it's a nice place.

Hotel Sahara Playa del Carmen

Also check out Hotel Alux on calle 14 between 10th and 15th. They advertise 400 peso rooms.

Affordable Hotel in Playa del Carmen-Hotel Alux

Enjoy your stay and let me know if you need ideas for your Belize trip.

msdesigner 12-15-2013 09:07 PM

Thanks for the links Michelle. Alux is booked and Sahara doesn't have a pool or akitchenette which I am hoping to get. I'm looking at the El Acuario Hotel - only one room left so I should decide soon. Another one I found was the Playa Del Carmen Hotel by H & A. Do you know anything about this one?

I am getting overwhelmed with the planning for Belize! I'm thinking of a week with 3 days at Caye Caulker to include a day trip to San Pedro and 4 days in San Ignacio and area. I am wondering if I have scheduled enough/too much time for each area and I am still deciding if I want to make the trip to Guatemala to see Tikal or if the ruins in Belize will suffice. I want to try snorkeling and see the ATM caves for sure and definitely some down tie just relaxing on the beach.

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