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blancolily 12-29-2016 12:12 PM

Looking forward warmth and new memories
Looking forward to Playa in 2 weeks, we arrive will be staying for 8 weeks in the Colosio area on 88th and 5th. We stayed in this neighborhood last year for 2 weeks and loved it-barely touching the surface of what is there. We are coming to enjoy beach and culture, and get away from Colorado cold. My husband is challenging cancer and the warmth seems to suit him better along with the relaxed pace we found there last year. I am a nurse he a musician-he loves to impromptu play with others and would love to connect him with others to jam with. Last year he got an invite to play at one of the big places on the beach and was fun but just sitting around the courtyard is even better. He plays accordion and sax-we are way far from fluent in Spanish but got along fine in the neighborhood and would love any tips of special places to eat, ect and we love the markets. Thanks! 12 days!!!

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