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Conversation Between MayanNut and Uno
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  1. Uno
    12-11-2013 - permalink
    Hey beer makin buddy. Do you still have your condo for rent? Couldnt find the link anymore. Thanks!
  2. Uno
    08-12-2012 - permalink
    Nice! The last of the IPA was consumed today. Time to plan another batch. The wild blackberies are ripe right now, so maybe a batch of Blackberry nut brown. Brown ale with blackberries, hazel nuts, and honey. Rich and malty. A good autumn brew as the weather starts to cool down.
  3. MayanNut
    08-06-2012 - permalink
    My 2nd batch will be moving to the fridges later this week and we will be popping some tops on them next weekend, followed shortly behind with my 3rd batch moving to the fridge! As soon as I move the product out of the fermenters, I begin brewing a new batch so eventually I will not have these "dry spells" of no freshly brewed beers available in the fridge! I think I'm on to something now! Lol!

    My 6th batch is going to be an Aztec brew (Mexican beer). The sky is the limit now, I must continue educating myself on how to do this properly and find out what works and what tastes good!

  4. MayanNut
    08-06-2012 - permalink
    1 Day Ago - permalinkMayanNut
    Hey! Sorry, I have not been on the forum for over a week!! My first batch was very "drinkable"!! Lol! On a 1 to 10 scale I would rate it as a solid 7!! I poured it into ice cold tall glass steins and they all produced huge heads (2 to 3") every time! It was an American Blonde Ale. It would of been better if the ABV% was higher (approx 3.8%) and if there were some more distinctive flavors, (hops, etc.). It is all gone though!!

    My 2nd and 3rd batch are both bottled and conditioning right now and my 4th and 5th batches are still in the fermenters!

    Batch 2: High Country Canadian Draft w/wild Honey and Northern Brewer Hops.
    Batch 3: Octoberfest Vienna Lager w/raw honey and Tettnanger Hops.
    Batch 4: Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner w/sugar, Orange Peel and Tettnanger Hops.
    Batch 5: Bewitched Red Ale w/Wild Honey and Northern Brewer Hops.
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  5. Uno
    07-25-2012 - permalink
  6. Uno
    07-15-2012 - permalink
    I totally did my math wrong! I was thinking a liter was smaller. So you're sitting on about 4 and half gallons? Thats really close to what I end up with when done! I just bottled mine. I'm excited to hear how yours turns out!
  7. Uno
    07-14-2012 - permalink
    Sounds like you did everything right. I beleive you'll be rewarded. So 8 liters is about 2 gallons? Are you brewing in a kit like a Mr beer thing? Those are fine by the way. A person either enjoys making beer or not. It aint about saving money! As you already know. It's a craft brew. Made by hand and shared with friends. I love it. I have a buddy that wont touch my beer! Only the best for him... Coors light. Most folks like it just fine. An A+ for effort thing. Well good luck, let me know. I always like sharing info with brew brothers.

    Oh. And by the way, I happen to be a graphic artist that works at a label company! The perfect job for me. Let me know if you want a special label for one of your brews. I'll gladly make and send you some.
  8. MayanNut
    07-14-2012 - permalink
    My first batch is still warm conditioning. I'm gonna wait until the 19th and then chill one of the bottles for a few days before opening it. I have (8) 1liter bottles in a box and just pulled one of them out to inspect. It looks like beer!!! Lol! It is very clear, so I am hopeful it will be "drinkable" !! I'll keep you posted.
  9. Uno
    07-12-2012 - permalink
    Almost time to try some homebrew?

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