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Conversation Between sonya_thomas and Sassygirl18
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  1. Sassygirl18
    04-26-2016 - permalink
    Oh BTW, I just found out about an interesting app called "Hopper". It advises you on the best time to buy airfare. Here's info about it.
    Pretty helpful!


    PS Sorry about all the posts. There is a character limit so I had to break my long post into multiple ones!
  2. Sassygirl18
    04-26-2016 - permalink
    I am also excited because we are trying a different condo at NTH this year. The past 3 times, we've stayed in E101 which was nice, but it was starting to need some refreshing. Plus, we want to try something a little different. So this time we are renting G201 which looks super nice. We're paying a bit more for the rental (the lady who owns E101 used to give us a nice rate) but I like the view and it will be cool to try a second floor condo this time.

    We like Southwest too - it's a great airline and I have the Chase Sapphire card which can be linked to my Southwest card so I can get free flights once in awhile, which is nice. It is a pain that you have to wait for them to release their flights.
  3. Sassygirl18
    04-26-2016 - permalink
    We're headed back to NTH in October. I am really excited because we're taking a 10 day trip this time and we're spending the first 3 days in Isla Mujeres, something we have not done yet and I am excited to check it out and see how we like it. We're staying right on Playa Norte at Ixchel condos. I figure 3 days is enough to get a good feel for Isla and see if it's someplace we might want to go in the future for a longer stay. I have to admit, I am worried about Playa's overdevelopment and how much longer it will appeal to us at the rate it's going! After our 3 days in IM, we'll head over the Playa for 7 days.
  4. Sassygirl18
    04-26-2016 - permalink
    The only places we've stayed in Playa are Mahekal Beach Resort (twice) and Natz ti Ha (three times). We loved Mahekal but it's semi all-inclusive...i.e. the rate includes 2 meals a day and there is no hotel-only option. Although the food is good at Mahekal, we really prefer exploring all the great restaurants in Playa and not being stuck eating a lot of meals in a resort. As you know, Playa's restaurant scene is amazing. Also, Mahekal has gotten VERY VERY expensive in the last few years, especially now that they've renovated...way out of our budget now. It's such a sweet little resort, though.
  5. Sassygirl18
    04-26-2016 - permalink
    Hi Sonya,

    No, we haven't stayed at either of those places, although we stopped in Pueblito Escondito the last time we were in Playa just because I wanted to check it out to see if maybe we might want to try that place for something different next time. It's very nice but weighing it all out, we like the feel of Natz ti Ha better for a few reasons. One big thing for us is that I cannot sit in the sun and Natz ti Ha's pool has plenty of shady areas. Normally about half the pool is sunny and half shady, so I can enjoy myself without worrying about burning. And the pool at NTH just has a more tropical feel with all the stone walls and heavy foliage around it. Just our taste. Also, PE seems more "corporate" /modern and less homey than NTH. NTH really has a special vibe about it that is hard to put into words.
  6. sonya_thomas
    04-05-2016 - permalink
    Not yet. They have a lake house about 2 hours from us, and the original plan was to spend a week there in June. They both work in industries that only allow them to take time off at certain times of the year, so they have 10 days off and want to get far, far away. But we have not been able to settle on a location/price combo that works for all of us, so we may be back to the lake house . . . which is fine by me. It's gorgeous, cheap, lots of water sports, and only 2 hours away.
    Keep waiting for Southwest to publish their November fares. Barring anything unforeseen, we WILL be back down to the Mayan Riviera over Thanksgiving week, either alone, or with another set of friends. If our friends join us, I am 100% sure we will rent at Natz Ti Ha. If it is just the two of us, it will be either Pueblito Escondido or maybe Club Yebo if we want to be super economical. Have you stayed there?
  7. Sassygirl18
    03-31-2016 - permalink
    Hey - did you and your friends settle on where to go for your vacation?

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