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Conversation Between suzeq and jslowrider
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  1. suzeq
    11-15-2014 - permalink
    I would not buy again. Too many issues with property managers (we went through four), paying bills, the cost of paying the gov't when you sell, and condo issues that I never want to go through again. I will rent long term and found that all of the friends I made there do not own either. They all rent. The rentals never totally made it cost effective as renters were constantly creating problems and destroying things. I love Tulum too. But, never again. We'll be back down for a vacation sometime this year too and I would like to stay either in Tulum or go to Isla Mujeres. I miss Playa but I think I miss what it was not what it is. We really liked the Riu Lupita because it really catered to the Mexican community, was very cost effective and the shuttle to the beach was very easy. Playacar beaches are still gorgeous.
  2. jslowrider
    11-14-2014 - permalink
    Wow! lot's of changes for you. We are about 4 hours from Nevada. I totally understand what you mean Playa has changed alot since we started vacationing there in 2007. Its still my destination of choice because we so love the beaches there. We will be back July 10th 6night at Sandos 3 nights Riu Palace. Looking at buying in Tulum.
  3. suzeq
    11-12-2014 - permalink
    Things are moving along. We sold our places in Mexico and Colorado and have just moved to Nevada. We're renovating a home near Lake Las Vegas and am working like dogs. We decided that Playa was growing way too much and with the new Hyatt on the beach it will be very crowded. I still like Playacar and we stayed at the Riu Lupita in June when we closed on the condo and used the beach there. Still very nice so we'll do that again. I do miss Playa but I miss it as it used to it's just construction going wild with no thought as to how the infrastructure is going to support it. Not sure if we'll stay in Nevada as we were also looking at a beach community in Florida. I do miss the beach. How is all with you guys? We must be pretty close to you now! California is only a few hours away. Are you going to Playa anytime soon?
  4. jslowrider
    11-11-2014 - permalink
    hey you how are things?
  5. jslowrider
    06-19-2013 - permalink
    Hi sue are you there now. Not sure we will make it this year. I want to go the old man doesnt
  6. jslowrider
    07-12-2012 - permalink
    We were there June 30 and left on July 8 are you there now? We had a great time I should have left you a message. I am sure you will be there for many more weeks. You are so lucky. Maybe next year we can get together
  7. jslowrider
    12-20-2011 - permalink
    I bet you are there now for the christmas holiday.....we will be back the first week of July
  8. jslowrider
    08-05-2010 - permalink
    Yes I fell at Sandos, we were going to dinner and it was pouring rain, I slipped and my knee when out of joint and I fell and hit my elbow.....hairline fracture which I found out about when I got home....its not in a cast just sling and is getting better every day.....kinda ruined our last day as I had a hard time walking with the knee...The knee healed but still a little sore it was a bad knee had surgery about 30 years ago.....big lesson dont fall down when you are 52 years
  9. jslowrider
    08-02-2010 - permalink
    Sue are you still in playa
  10. jslowrider
    07-09-2010 - permalink
    Sandos was great, till I fell when it rained all day tuesday....really hurt myself. but better today left knee and elbow....thank god for not needing a prescription for drugs there!

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