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Terms of Use

It is prohibited to use the forum or private message system to send offers of goods or services. The forums are NOT classified ads. It is prohibited to use the forums as a marketing tool for condos, villas, or other goods or services. If you have any doubts whatsoever about this rule and how it applies to your intentions to announce, market or share ANYTHING on this forum, send me a PM first and ask so that later you don't have to say "well, I just assumed..." This forum is free to use and supported by our premium members, pay-per-click advertising, and sales of goods and services offered on this site.

If you have a common question like:

  • Should I use pesos or dollars?
  • Are my old pesos worth anything?
  • Can you help with car rental info?
  • Best options on airport ground transportation?
  • Any advice on Hotel so and so?
  • What's the weather like?
  • Can I get internet access in Playa?
  • Advice on snorkel equipment...?
  • Do I need a passport?
  • Can I drink the water?
  • Should I go to Xcaret or XelHa?
  • Where can I watch (*insert sporting event here*) in Playa?
try a search first. If you don't find a related thread that is helpful, by all means start a new post! If the related thread is a bit old, you might also want to start a new post if you have follow-up questions. The link to make a search is on the top right. Make sure and read the options for the search function. You can search for multiple words and specific phrases.

Posts to AVOID! :

I'm coming down for the first time and would really appreciate some tips on what to do and what I should avoid. Plus some good restaurants. Thanks alot!

The answer to this one is, "Yes, we have so many tips we wrote a website with them. Please try reading it. Help us to help you."

The weather forecast for next week says all clouds. :cry: I'm worried I'm not going to be able to....

The weather here is quite variable. The weather forecasts shed very little light on what actually happens. They'll call for 7 days of clouds and we'll have a great week.

We understand that you want nice weather, everyone does. Luckily, it's mostly nice here. No one can tell you what next week has in store for you.

What places don't you like... what should I avoid.

Look at it from a 'glass is half full' point of view. Ask to get good tips, and you'll find what you need to know.

Hey username, clean out your inbox so I can send you a PM...

The intended recipient will receive an email from the system alerting them that their PM inbox is full. There is no reason to make a post about this. It's not a big deal, but since it isn't necessary, why do it.

Use Meaningful Subject Lines

Looking for good advice is a very bad subject to use on any forum. It is assumed everyone wants good advice. Specific titles get better results from the people from whom you really want a response. Please don't try to add color, bold or other types of formatting to your titles. The system will not accept these changes.


Everyone has an opinion. If you don't agree with someone, be glad. You have proof of your individuality. If you bash them, curse them, or otherwise misbehave, you will be asked not to return, or you will be banned at our discretion.

Don't Type With ALL CAPS

Almost everyone finds reading text in all caps annoying, hence the reputation as online screaming. If you're not trying to yell in your online communications but you're typing in all caps, most people will think you are. If you make a post and use all capitals in the subject, the post may be removed. PLEASE DON'T DO IT.

Respect other sites' content

The forum is all about sharing, but it is important to respect other peoples' copyrighted content. Please don't grab a bunch of content from some other site and post it here. Just put a link to that page. Posts containing "borrowed" content will be edited or deleted.

Let's keep in mind that this isn't a court and we don't pretend to be able to fairly represent all sides of any dispute. Communication is key universally, not just in Mexico. Cuentas claras, amistades largas.

Use discretion posting images

Please don't post images of other people on the forum without their permission. Plenty of our members are either on the lamb, lying low for seven years, or are in the federal witness relocation program.

Please do not post images wider than 600 pixels in width.

If you happen to catch a topless sunbather on the webcam, enjoy it as you wish but do not post the image.

No nudie voyeur shots. Whatever gets you through the night, but just don't post it here. We'd prefer to get our porn elsewhere, thanks.

No nude avatars.

Take it easy with your signature!

Please don't use large images or put too much 'stuff' in your signature. It gets annoying for our visitors (and admin ).

The forum is not for medical advice

Please consult your physician or GP.

Save your work

If you are typing a long post, please be wise and copy it to the clipboard (highlight it and hit CTRL-C, on Windows machines). This way, if you have any type of network, script, computer or whatever error, your composition can be saved. This can also happen if you are automatically logged out due to inactivity. This will not affect you if you have checked the "remember me" option at login, which prevents you being logged out by a timeout. Alternatively, you could write your post in a word processor or Notepad, or something, and save it, then just paste it into the posting page. For normal posts, this is not necessary, just when you plan on taking more than about 20 minutes writing.

Avoid posting messages to individuals

If you want to get an individual's attention, send them a PM. Also, there is no need to post reminders to members to clear out existing PMs to make space for yours. A member that maxes out his/her PM mailbox will receive an email message from the system.

Protect yourself from SPAM!

If you care to add your email address to a post, you should make it understandable, without actually posting it. Try to follow this pattern:

somebodyREMOVE THIS PART TO EMAIL ME at hotmail dot com

There are automated drones that visit websites. They cultivate or siphon-off email addresses. Forums are very popular for these creatures. They are kind of like those scary spider looking creatures that try to destroy the ship in the final scene of the Matrix. We've configured our server to try and limit their penetration powers, but they change and mutate often.

If you wonder why you get so many email offers for Viagra, you might have an email siphon robot/spider to blame.

Please do not post the email addresses of third parties without their permission. They probably don't want spam either.

PlayaInfo does not share your email address with anyone!

Edit your posts.

If you think you'd like to change something about what you posted, don't forget you can edit your post (click the edit button on the right hand side below the post).

The moderators, administrators and owners of Playa.Info reserve complete editorial control over all content. Posts containing links to providers of goods or services which are also offered by this website will be removed. Anyone found to be using multiple user memberships for the purpose of flaming, spamming, or any other unauthorized use, will be permanently banned.

Spam is edited. In addition to being a tasty luncheon meat treat, Spam is continually posting the same information or idea, often inappropriately or in an off-topic manner. Sometimes people with financial interests in certain businesses join the forum and attempt to provide "testimonials" or otherwise boost their own products. If we suspect someone is spamming the forum, the posts will be removed. If spamming continues, the user will be banned.

These rules (more like guidelines than rules) are in place to help create a better community for exchange of information. Please do not try to subvert our rules or judgement calls. This will result in restricted user rights. If you have any questions about any moderation practices or why something was moderated, contact me directly in a PM, do not start a thread about it, thanks.

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