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policegirl 11-09-2015 01:10 PM

Riu Playacar Oct 30-Nov 7th 2015
Just returned from Playa Del Carmen and thought i'd qive a quick trip report about the Riu Playacar.

First off.. let me say we were scheduled to stay at the Iberostar Quetzal, and after the fire moved to Riu Playacar because it didn't cost us anymore money and we wanted to be in the Playacar area.

With that being said, the resorts couldn't be more "not alike". lol.. If you like the modern feel and don't mind that there aren't any animals this is the resort for you.

When we arrived our first room was on the third floor (no elevators) by the way. So after lugging our suitcases up many stairs and then getting into our room which had no balcony and seriously looked like a hospital room, I was very disappointed to say the least.

I've always said as long as I have a bed, a toilet and a shower i'm not too picky but this room proved me wrong lol.... I think had the room beedn "warmer" and not so cold and sterile it wouldn't have been quite so bad... There were a few windows on one side that were about chest high and looked out over a rooftop and at the next building.. Needless to say we went right to the desk and asked to be moved... And after asking twice we were moved the following day. Ivette at the desk is wonderful and amazing sweet! We received a room in the same buidling with a balcony which made a big difference... We are old (er) and like to spend time just sitting on the balcony, reading etc... The only other complaint I really have about the rooms was that there was no coffee pot... which wouldve been wonderful on those rainy lazy balcony days... lol...

We actually spent more time at the Riu Tequila across the street because we loved the traditional mexican feel vs the very modern feel... and the animals of course.

Buffet was your typical buffet.. nothing special, very large but the same foods over and over for the most part. They didn't have mimosas the first few days we were there but added them to their breakfast by day four... which was great!

The asian restaraunt was a terrible let down... I expected it to be the best from the past you tube videos etc.... but apparently it's changed and is basically an asian buffet, and the food was not any better than your typical asian buffet....

The steakhouse was at least sit down service which was nice. The steak was okay, not great, not bad and the rest of the food was decent.. but it was sit down and relaxing so we enjoyed it.

The pools are good, although I wish the swim up bar pool was adults only as there are two other very large pools on the property and the swim up bar one is pretty small....

The property was clean and the employees amazing of course which seems pretty typical no matter where we have stayed...

Not much service as far as drinks on the beach or around the pool.. you pretty much were on your own to get things you wanted.

The daily snack area was probably the best i've ever seen actually... offering a large selection of many things from hot dogs and burgers, mexican food, salads and full meal options baiscally....

Can't really say anything really bad about the property, although we would not book there again it would simply be because of the very modern feel... not because anything was "bad"....

The hotel did provide the guests with umbrellas in their rooms which was great and we used many times! ....

I do have some pics and will try to figure out how to upload them later.....


dori 11-20-2015 06:59 PM

Hi. Thanks for the report! We stayed at the riu playacar in 2003. After that stay we decided to venture out and stay at the local non-all inclusive hotels and never looked back. I say to each their own, but there are so many cool hotels in Playa. I feel you would have a better experience, but that is my opinion. Thanks for the report and would love to see some pictures as I am sure things have changed quite a bit.

TDI 08-28-2017 06:31 PM

Have things changed
We stayed at the Riu Playcar back in the day too. It seems nothing has changed.

What has changed for the better is people have become more tolerant of others posting negative experiences/ comments instead of always accusing others of being trolls just because a few vocal members disagreed.

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