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Skydiving in Playa del Carmen

quite possibly the coolest thing on the planet

If you're like me, or at least the way I used to be, the idea of jumping out of a plane may make your palms sweat. I know mine did.

I know how you feel... I felt the same way... then I found out...

The pictures say it all. Forget about the incredible view for now, look at the faces of everyone in these pictures. Notice anything? Everyone is smiling. Check out the shots of Anna and me coming in for our landings!

Jumping is simple. Since the instructor does everything, your orientation is quick and simple. You're just going along for the ride. After practicing your plane exit in the skydive shop, your harness is put on for you, and you're off. It's less than a 5 minute walk to the plane. You'll circle the area for 20 minutes as the plane climbs to 10,000ft. The view is worth it alone, but wait... there's more!
The solo jumpers in this shot are some of the local instructors. Some of these guys have over 7000 jumps!
There's never been an accident. Jumping is safer than driving to the airport on your way home.

After you've left the plane, you'll quickly establish a stable position and have a perfect view of the area. There is no sinking feeling like from a roller coaster because you drop at a constant speed. Freefall lasts about 30 seconds but you won't be looking at your watch. The view and sensation are beyond explanation.

When the instructor opens the chute, the slow down is smooth without any snap at all. Immediately, you are taken over by the 'quiet after the storm.' Once again, words don't work very well to describe the sensation. You'll want to hang there forever. If you are interested, the instructor can pass you the control handles which allow you to easily perform some circles during descent.

Coming in for a landing is a breeze. The pickup crew from Playa Skydive had drawn a circle in the sand about as large as I am tall. The brakes on these big chutes are so effective that you slow down to about zero at landing. Coupled with the soft white sand, it's like landing on a cloud.

After the jump, everything seemed surreal. Life is all about collecting memories so that someday we can sit in a rocking chair and reflect. Jumping out of a plane with the Yucatan and the Caribbean below will certainly be an electric and vivid memory that we will cherish forever. It cannot come more highly recommended.

Here we are coming in for our landings. Anna is a bit 'hesitant' about heights, climbing pyramids, etc. Apparently that doesn't matter much when it comes to skydiving. I think she liked it.

Skydive Playa is a very professional, modern, safety-focused business.

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There's no better place in the world to make a jump!