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Fishermen Sunset Resort
Wilma Report

updated November 15, 2005

I stopped by Fishermen Sunset resort in PlayaCar phase one this morning. The resort is open and I observed people eating at the restaurant and a man getting a massage on the sundeck, so they definitely have guests, but they certainly outnumber them with workers right now as they continue with repairs.

I spoke with a member of their management for a while. He didn't have a date for the pool repairs (it is going to be completely replaced) completion, so we'll check back soon.

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From the sundeck, looking North.
From the sundeck, looking South.
First of three shots in a pan.
This is the main building, showing the edge of the pool that no longer exists.
Second of three shots in a pan.
Third of three shots in a pan.
These buildings, built almost at the water line, suffered the most damage.