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2006 Update

This information is online for historical value. The management of Shangrila Caribe used the opportunity to completely renovate and improve the entire resort. Could it actually be a good thing that Wilma hit? If you are visiting the resort, you might think so. If you ask a local, we'll say we don't want any more to come. It's testament to the staff of the resort.

Shangrila Caribe Resort
Wilma Report

updated November 9, 2005

I stopped by ShangriLa Caribe to visit my pal Alejandro (he keeps our beach webcam communicating with the server, along with maintaining all the rest of ShangriLa Caribe's IT and electrical systems). We went for a tour of the resort and I snapped the following images. They had 313 people working, including most of their regular staff, around the clock, with several bulldogs moving sand. The Aventura section of the resort will reopen first, sometime before the end of November. The rest of the resort is scheduled to open mid-December.

Click any image for a larger view.

Alejandro's workers have demolished the front row of cabaņas and are building completely new units.
This is one of the completely new palapas, ready for a paint job and some furnishings.
A view of the brand new lobby and very spacious new palapa.
After already lots of digging out, the tops of the ground lighting "mushrooms" are just now starting to appear in the original area of the resort.
In the Aventuras section of the resort, things are mostly back to normal, with a bit more than a week left until re-opening. Here we can see a new coat of varnish going on, and some of the lighting "mushrooms" for reference with the last shot.