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Our Tour Philosophy


One of the big reasons we moved here was to enjoy our lifestyle as much as possible and live a life with lots of different activities. For us, guiding a tour or two a week is a nice way to get out of the office and enjoy a cenote, swim a deserted beach or just meet interesting people. We know our customers are not looking for a routine day, so we decided to keep it the same for ourselves.


We try to blend culture with experience and fun. You'll probably learn something about the area, Mayan culture and maybe even something about yourself by trying something new. We start our days early and always plan on missing the crowds if we happen to be headed to someplace popular.


It's easy going, with no rush. We are never late or early but always on time.


All our guides are expats, 100% fluent in English and speak Spanish as a second language. We do our best to see that everyone in the group has the best time they can and we often end up meeting later for a drink at a local bar. We've made lots of friends through our tours.